The Adventures of Shuggy Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Shuggy is a little bat that lives in a haunted house. You will jump around the mansion solving tons of puzzles. The thing i noticed right away, was how different each puzzle was. Fans of platforming games will have a hard time getting bored. The main goal is to collect all of the gems in a specific level. Easier said than done. Although the level titled “blank” is separated from the rest (I won’t spoil it, play it). Other than that, I cannot stress how challenging this game is. Shuggy feels like a throwback to the SNES days. Sorry newbies again.

With over 100 levels single player, and 30 plus in coop, there’s plenty here to do. Levels contain several twists that will keep the player on their toes. Just when you think you’re getting used to shuggy’s style, the game will flip it on you. Literally. There’s rotating levels, and also time altering levels that reminded us of Braid. Don’t let the child like visuals confuse you, Shuggy is not for the little ones. This game isn’t controller banging hard, but its in the neighborhood. You will die, then rinse repeat.

Online versus is a gem race. Whoever collects the most gems at the end wins. Theres nothing else to the Live portion, and it kind of makes us sad, considering the rest of the game brings it. I was only able to play online a few times, as it was hard to find an opponent. At least you can play locally. Many people just don’t know about this game at all. They will find out soon, believe me. The adventures of Shuggy is a low-key game that big time gamers should try out. Ten dollars will earn you Plenty of challenges, gems, and a unique soundtrack for the ages.

The Adventures of Shuggy Gets


4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Retro gameplay

+Great level design

+Unique music

What’s Perpetrating?

-More local Coop Levels would have been nice

-A real hard time finding people to play with online

-Online needs more features

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