Previews From E3 2011 Part 2

As the E3 overload continues, there’s definitely more games that need discussion. Today’s bunch contains the heavily delayed Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Kid Icarus, Ninja Gaiden 3, Skullgirls, and Street Fighter X Tekken. Find out the first impressions on these blockbuster titles now.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Whenever the hell this releases, you’re going to need to pick this up. Not only are the graphics jaw dropping, but it almost crosses into real life territory. The campaign blends movie style action scenes with the smart tactical action that the series has always been known for. The demo from E3 featured 4 player coop. Every person is needed in this mode. For instance, two people breach a door while the other two flank from the other side. Or two people open a trailer up while the others keep theirs guns aimed in case of a disturbance. The gun-play just felt right. Reminds me of a realistic Gears of War. I didn’t get to play the kinect portion but we like controllers better anyways. I did see the live kinect showcase, and it seems a little on the clunky side. Hopefully Ubisoft will keep most of the focus on the Controller version rather than Kinect. Ghost Recon has a loyal fan base still. I’m proud to tell those people Future Soldier will not disappoint. As long as you have a controller.

Kid Icarus Uprising

The best way to describe this one, is to compare it to Sin and punishment or even Space Harrier. Kid Icarus essentially plays on rails. It truly feels like an arcade experience with all of the constant dodge and shoot gameplay. Your trigger finger may be sore at the end of he demo, mine for sure was. The amount of combat in this blew me away. The graphics are very sharp, and the 3D effect shines. The voice acting is solid, but the Kids voice may be annoying for some. As a bonus, there is a unique 3 vs 3 mode that players can get into. Nintendo was shy about the online features when asked, but if you check their past resume, don’t expect much in that area. After playing several of these future 3DS titles, it reminded me that I made the right purchase. Kid Icarus on the outside looks like a kids game, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The ultimate goal is to defeat the evil Medusa, and with these sweet controls and arcade style gameplay, Kid Icarus Uprising will need a spot on your shelf.

Ninja Gaiden 3

The preview build had us in England fighting special op soldiers trying to apprehend Ryu. One of my complaints with Ninja Gaiden 2 was its lack of graphical polish. Well that’s been certainly taken of. From the environments to the detailed character models, NG3 really plays great. It feels as if the series has reached its climax. The combat controls are the smoothest. Every single swipe of the sword feels right. Ryu is powerful. Not only are his epic executions here, but now he can extend them. What would normally kill your enemy is still here, but now you can do even more just for show. The blood sprays like a geyser from your foes, and it looks extra gooey and nasty. This game has never been for the faint of heart, but now it’s aiming to take violence to the brink. Play this game with your kids please. I kid.


This all girl fighter plays like MVC 2. In fact this was the inspiration for it. After playing with Autumn game designers, all of Skullgirls influences were clear. There’s launch attacks, air juggles, assist moves, and supers at your disposal. I like that you can decide how many characters will be available before battle. You can go it alone, but your single character will be extra powerful. Two characters with balanced strength, then of course the max of 3. They leave it up to the player. While the cast its currently quite small (Three Characters to be exact) each chick has a completely different style and look, demanding that you learn their attacks. Peacock was by far my favorite of the available characters. She is a throwback to old cartoons. From her ability to drop anvils on you, to a melee kick that mirrors Charlie Brown’s famous football kick and miss. The team can’t commit to a release date yet, but they are hoping to release this year. From what im told its just two guys working at it. Cut them some slack. You really have to play it yourself to appreciate it in motion. This is 2D on roids.

Street Fighter X Tekken

If you weren’t able to play this at E3, you were doing something wrong. Capcom provided so many TV’s with this game, it would make your head spin. It was a great, because Street Fighter x Tekken plays like a damn dream. the game speed is quick, but not too quick. Please note that the Tekken characters in this game do not play at all like they do in namco’s titles. You will have to pretty much relearn everyone. Even still, there’s no denying capcom hit the sweet spot with this one. This is tag team gameplay, with a twist. Not everyone will like this decision capcom made, but hopefully it can be turned off. Both characters do not have to be eliminated for you to lose. Only one. This does add a level of strategy because you have to Gage both players vitality, and decide who you can use at that moment. They way that it was designed, i can guarantee you that this will be played at tournaments for years to come. It certainly takes skill to be good in this fighter. I didn’t notice any cheap comeback powers. Yes! no rage mode or X-factor BS, just fighting and juggling and more fighting. Street fighter X Tekken drops early next year.

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