DOA: Dimensions Review

Real Talk By: Kimulus

Hey gamers! Long time no see! This is Kimulus here with your review of DOA: Dimensions for the 3DS. I have played past DOA games and spent most of my time on DOA 4 for the Xbox 360. Now I have to say, if you have played DOA 4 before, you are getting almost an identical port to the 3DS. The visuals are very well done and are on par with dare I say the console version. However, the real big fallacy of this game I would have to say is the controls.

The game can cater to beginners and it definitely caters to the seasoned veterans of fighting games. However, if you are new to the series, you might be flustered at the controls, particularly the touch screen controls. The thing about DOA is that it’s no Street Fighter. There are no longer simple moves and projectiles that can be done with a touch of a button. Instead you have actual combos to pick from… and this is a HUGE list and may be overwhelming for beginners. The thing here is that now since the touch screen has combos done in a touch of a button…it really takes away from the game.

To make it really enjoyable, I suggest you turn off the touch screen menus and actually memorizing combos… it’s a lot more effective believe it or not because if you stick with the touch screen, you are more likely to be reversed. The reversal system is like a rock, paper, scissors game you can reverse low hits, medium hits, and high hits. Once you can get this system down, you can basically win by just reversing moves. The modes of this game are plenty, with a brand new story mode that is not seen in the console version.

The story mode is new, but not really captivating the meat of this game really goes to the online portion. Overall, this game did a nice job of visual presentation and terms of quality it’s very solid. However, I did not really enjoy this port as much as I did with Street Fighter, I were to pick one fighting game to get for the 3DS…. I would still have to say Super Street Fighter IV. No offense to DOA, don’t get me wrong, the DOA is a solid title, but I don’t think it was really meant for a handheld system. For me, to play a fighting game the buttons and joystick needs to be bigger. Street Fighter was perfect because it was a simple game to begin with, but with a complex strategy. DOA however has a complex fighting system and a complex strategy.

Dead or Alive Dimensions gets MF MF MF out of five.

Whats Legit?
+Online play

Whats Perpetrating?
-Touch screen can be frustrating for beginners


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