An Open letter To Nintendo and Game Freak

Real Talk By: J.Valdez

Hey Nintendo, hey GameFreak.

My name is Josias Valdez, and I’ve been your fan for like, Pokemon Blue to now years (however long that is). I’m still a fan, I still try to catch them all, even though I only use about 6. But lately, things haven’t been like they used to.

You see, when I was however old I was playing Pokemon Blue endlessly at school, church, and home, I thought, “hey, this is the coolest thing ever”. I had already played a variety of RPG’s, but nothing like that. As if Blue wasn’t bad enough already, Yellow came out and completely withdrew me from society.

Here’s the thing though. After that, it was kind of downhill. I mean sure. I played Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, and White like crazy. I’m even already impatiently waiting for Grey. However after that, I need you to spice things up again.

You’ve been so cruel to that cash cow you created all those years ago that I’m tempted to call PETA. (I’m sorry I forgot its Miltank). See, here’s the thing. Every generation you make the colors brighter, add a couple hundred Pokemon, and then use all the excess cash that comes in as napkins for your fancy celebration dinners where you laugh at how we fell for that sh*t again.

That needs to stop. Next generation I want more Pokemon, but that guy (or team) that creates them needs to be more motivated, if you let them look at a trash can for too long, then they are going to think it’s a good idea to make a Pokemon that looks like trash/rubbish (Trubbish). That’s just inhumane…

Also, that color coded crap needs to go, I don’t want to buy multiple versions of the same game just to catch them all. I don’t want to trade my Pokemon with other people. You’ve made it very easy to do so over the years but it’s still a hassle to do it.

Event Pokemon need to stop. There’s no need for that. I never got to play with mew, celebi, deoxys, darkrai, and whats-it’s-face because of that. In the end I grew up, got a job, and bought an action replay. You didn’t want to give me Zorua because I didn’t find Heart Gold in time? Too bad, got him anyway. (I only use AR after beating the game at least once, then I go back and cheat so I can dominate easier.)

Make up your mind with the second screen. Diamond/platinum had the Poke-tech. I cannot for the life of me remember what Heart Gold had, and White has that online thing that drains your battery. Take the best of all 3 and mix it together for the next one. That would be cool.

It’s cool that you made the environment 3D, put a few more animations here and there. But all of that needs to go. Overhaul all of that. Make it full 3D, have any of you guys played Morrowind? Or Oblivion? Yea we need something like that. With all the regions, new and old. With all the Pokemon…throw in an MMO option for those who would like it.

Finally. Make this a REAL new adventure. It’s always a new place but you’re always doing the same thing, there’s always that team that gets in your way. Make that team global, give them a non corny mission, and make it so that even after I beat the Pokemon league, I have to take them out. Team (insert 5th generation team name here) had a decent story, build upon that if you want to save your creativity for the new Pokemon.

I know it sounds like a lot, and it is a lot I’m asking, I know it is, but if you did at least one of these, it would be a big step in the right direction and I would buy you all sandwiches. Really good ones too. It can be progressive improvements through the next generations, I know the semi final idea would require something maybe more powerful than the 3DS, so I’m cool with waiting on that. Remember though, sandwiches…

Sincerely, someone who’s been playing without sleep for a long time.

P.S. Please delete Trubbish and it’s evolution, it looks like Snorlax got drunk, threw up on it self, fell into a landfill, and woke up with all the trash stuck to its body.



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