Super Street Fighter 4 3DS Review

Real Talk By: KJ

The 3Ds version of Super Street Fighter 4 may be the Marquee title of Nintendo’s new system, but does it hold up to all the hype? First off, all 35 characters are included on the cartridge. Just like the console version, this cartridge is packed with features. Trial mode, car smashing, and barrel breaking mini games have all arrived with it. With handheld ports, were used to be half-assed conversions. This is not the case this time around.

You can play the arcade mode in the traditional format, or in the all new 3D dynamic view. The new camera angle is pointed behind the players back. This mode is for novelty purposes, but i still find it very legit. Several critics didn’t like the view, but I really didn’t mind it. I constantly play between both camera angles. Of course playing in 2D is still supreme, especially with the 3D slider all the way up. It just adds a visual flair to the combat.

Controls need a little getting used to. the button placement on the 3Ds isnt terrible for fighting games, but you can tell that it wasnt the priority. Once you get used to it though, you be right back at it. Every winning tactic you used on the console versions can be used here. I cannot stress enough how well capcom carried over the gameplay. Nothing was lost in the translation in that aspect. EX moves, EX cancels, all supers and Ultras. You get me? Also, seeing the fighters do their ultras in 3D is a slick feature. The Grappler characters really shine in this version. Not everything shines though.

While the character models mirror the console version, the stages do not. Characters in the background are completely frozen. It’s as if Issac Clark shot them with stasis. When you’re in the heat of the battle though, you’re not thinking about it, but it still leaves us scratching our heads. Also one other odd omission was the audio features. You can’t switch character languages over to japanese. You are stuck with English. Honesty, most of the US voices work fine, but some are just pathetic. Feilong’s US voice is atrocious.

Other than those little issues, you couldn’t get a more accurate port of SF4. Smooth online play, the full roster prior to Arcade Edition makes this the only title you need for your handheld. This is the only launch title that people will still be playing for years to come. Do yourself and your wallet a favor, get this game.

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition gets MF MF MF MF M out of five

What’s Legit?

+Character Models mirror their console counterparts

+The Full Roster is here from super. (Arcade Add-On please!!)

+Smooth Online play

+The tried and true gameplay is 100% in tact

What’s Perpetrating?

-Background characters in each level do not move

-No online team Battle

-Cannot adjust languages for characters


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