Crysis 2 Multiplayer Review

Real Talk By: Vex

Has Crytek done it? Have they managed to make an addictive multiplayer half to their amazing campaign? Well, much like other games it contains a ranking system in which you can unlock weapons and abilities. It’s been said that there’s at least fifty hours of gameplay before unlocking everything. This game takes a lot from other games but it does it well. A friend of mine had complained that it took too much, but in the same light praised Uncharted 2 for doing the same. WTF ? I’m here to tell you that all fanboy sentiment aside this games is a must play, but it does have its flaws. Let’s get to the good rather than rain on the parade.
Power weapon and armor modules help you design your own play style depending on what you want to enhance, making it easy to track players who usually spoil games by camping with shottys or snipes. The ability to track enemy footsteps, highlights the where abouts or can even see enemy’s when in camo, bring a rewarding feel to the upgrade system. It also comes with the standard rapid fire upgrade and steady aim that most shooters usually come equip with.

What amazes me most of the game is the fact you get your kills and also if you tire of all the abilities you can unlock a classic game mode to play in the different game types with no type of enhancements. In a genre that usually rewards cheap assholes, im glad to know that campers do not get points, I don’t know how Crytek did it but before I forget Thank you, I wont bore you with many other details except that it comes with instant action (slayer) team instant action (team slayer)crash site (king of the hill)capture the relay (capture enemy node and bring it back to base)assault (upload data from terminals defended by standard soldiers) and extraction(everybody has abilities and it’s one teams objective to defend while the other tries to bring alien bio ticks back to their chopper). The reason I don’t want to go into too much detail is because this is a must play game that can’t be done justice via a typed review. Not to say it doesn’t have it’s flaws because it does now let’s get to them….

For starters im getting tired of having a 60 dollar game require a patch upon its immediate release.Why am I seeing this become a trend ? Well, because we keep buying the games. To start off the games has an amazing sound score but no matter how nice you don’t want it playing at headbanger level wtf. I’m sitting in the lobby in between matches then all of a sudden I feel like my face is getting assaulted by a symphony of hatred, for some reason or another the sound level spikes randomly. Once you get into the game from time to time you’ll notice that even though you’ve been killing it, here comes a level 50 and defecates on everything your gamertag ever stood for.Why in a game that gives you ill ass unlocks as you progress would you put a guy the equivalent of a pit bull next to poodles. The way you get matched up needs tweaking. Delayed response – lag between movement instructions and actual movement of the character movement in the game. Last but not least low frame rate from time to time when the action gets heavy.
By the time I had typed this review there was a patch dropped to fix these issues but honestly from time to time some of them are still there. Not to say these issues should stop you from enjoying the game believe me when I say it’s nowhere near the level of frustration the issues the call of duty series has had.I would highly suggest giving this game a change despite some of these issues and all the fanboy hate because overall you do get your kills and have a lot of fun doing it. One thing that does bother me,why aren’t dedicated servers the standard for games of this caliber? This game deserves it.

What’s legit?

+This games takes elements from your favorite games ranging from Halo Reach to Battlefield and mixes them to make a fun and addictive experience.

What’s Perpetrating?

-The fact that the online issues weren’t resolved before release, because just hearing about them might deter people from a great Multiplayer.

This is the best looking fps on any console don’t be fooled by the fanboy hatred and when the issues aren’t present it plays like a dream. The main reason I didn’t discuss the graphics initially is because the fun is in the gameplay. The graphics are an added plus.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer gets MF MF MF MF out of five

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4 thoughts on “Crysis 2 Multiplayer Review

  1. Why do campers get such a bad rap? Good positions exist in a real war, good positions exist in video games. If people keep charging in to your good position then that is their own fault for not adapting. I don’t feel like they are “cheap assholes”, but playing rather smart. To try to eliminate camping is to try to eliminate the concept of good position, which will always be a part of conflict.


    1. It is cheap to stand in a dark corner and wait for someone to walk by to kill them. It’s different in real life when you are trying to survive. You do whatever you can to not die. I also don’t understand the fun in just sitting and waiting to shoot someone who can’t even see you.


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