MK’s Xbox Character Prediction

Real Talk By: Bandit

We at Play Legit are excited for the new Mortal Kombat game. It brings back the good old days back in the arcade when the only fighting games people truly had a war over was Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Now we have Super Street Fighter IV and with weeks away, the new MK. But with the game only weeks away, I need to figure out which console version I should get. Other fighting games have had guest fighters in them but this is Mortal Kombat. PS3 is a high contender knowing that you will get Kratos. Seeing the God of War tearing up the other MK fighters could be a much-needed change that they needed compared to how the DC Heroes wouldn’t kill anyone.
Master Chief?
Now with Xbox……… I’m not really sure. It is the same game but they won’t have Kratos in it since hes exclusive to Sony. So what does Microsoft have to offer? Does Netherealm even have Xbox in their plans? who knows, but that doesn’t stop us from brainstorming. I got to thinking on the exclusive characters they would have to offer that would fit in with the other MK fighters. The first thing everyone (including myself) thinks is Halo. The poster child for Xbox would be a sure candidate for MK, wrong. Microsoft wouldn’t like to see Master Chief having his head ripped off or any other Fatality performed on him. So the next character that comes close to the blood and gore is Marcus Phoenix from the Gears of War series. He would have some crazy Fatalities using the chainsaw on the lancer just tearing apart your opponent. So he could fit in, but who else could be in the arena?
We have an Instinct
For a while that was the most common two and got pulled into a stump, until I remembered one thing…they own Rare. What if MS added in a fighter from Killer Instinct. It almost seems like it should happen. With the rumors about a year ago about KI throughout the web, it would seem like this could be their triumphant return into the market with making a character available for choose from. This should be something that Microsoft needs to do for another exclusive to add onto their catalog. But the one question I ask to all of you out there is, which Killer Instinct fighter would you like to see in Mortal Kombat as a hidden character?

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