Taking NBA 2K12 To The Next Level

Real Talk By: KJ

While MJ’s Chicago Bulls Run is his most memorable, Jordan actually still was breaking records in his late 30’s. I really hate when people downplay his run as a wizard. The man was in his 40’s, and was still better than most in the league. If he had a quality star playing with him, I firmly believe they really good have made a solid playoff run. Jerry Stackhouse isn’t going to cut it. In 2K12, playing more Jordan challenges is the right way to go. There are more games from his Bulls run that can go in as well, (maybe even college too) but the wizards milestones could be an intriguing thing to achieve.

The Ideal Challenges:

Oldest player in NBA history to score 50 points in a game (51 points, vs. New Orleans Hornets, 2001-12-29 December 29, 2001)

Oldest player in NBA history to score 40 points in a game: 40 years, (43 points, vs. New Jersey Nets, 2003-02-21 February 21, 2003) We should be able to play these games and more.

Notched his 30,000th point on 1/4/02 against the Bulls

Tweaks that need to happen:

Additional things that need to happen in 2k12 would be: Improved My Player Mode. The grading system is still pretty flawed and your character takes too long to build up. You are an NBA prospect after all, not a College one. The great thing about these issues, is that they can all be easily fixed. Wish I could say the same thing for NBA Elite. The Online has improved a lot, but getting 4 or more of your friends to connect into a room of team-up is frustrating. Especially when you play with your custom teams. Most of the time your whole group wont make it in the room, counting as a forfeit. It’s a shame that you lose, and it was completely out of your hands. The simplest way to put this, we need dedicated servers.

Honesty 2k11 was a damn good game, I’m just here with my ideas to make it better.

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