Bulletstorm Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Epic Games, and People Can Fly’s New IP has arrived. This game is a true hybrid of action and comedy. The game has a Arcady feel. If you own a Wii, your committing a crime if you don’t own Madworld. In that game you would Kill enemies in the most unusual ways to earn extra points. Take that concept from Madworld, blend it with a FPS, your left with Bulletstorm. Really, you get points for everything. Kicking someone of a cliff: points. Shoot someone in the nuts: points. Electrocuting someone, or even kicking them into a cactus while on fire…..You get it by now.

The Campaign will take you about 7 hours to complete, but I recommend playing it on “hard” right out of the gate. Because the game relies heavily on scoring and scoring multipliers, its seems as if the A.I. has been nerfed to help the player score at an easier rate. Overall though, the campaign really impressed me a lot. Wish it did have at least 2 player coop in it. Grayson always has someone fighting at his side, so it seems a little strange that my homies couldn’t just pick up the controller and join in. The level design is superb. Locations never get stale, and the Unreal Engine shows off its color palette well. Visuals like this leave me anxiously waiting for Gears 3. City scenes, to dark caves, to Disco clubs, ( Burn baby burn) the environments help you discover new ways to dispatch your enemies.

Echoes is more of a time trial mode. Reminiscent of The Club, you kill all the enemies in the shortest time. It also has that pass the controller vibe going for it. The thing that makes this mode great is its competition factor. Your friends will be battling you constantly for the top spot on each level. Before the game even released, the demo had that feature. We would call and text, telling the person that they needed to look at their score again because there’s a new top dog. Echoes is a mode that breeds camaraderie and competition.

Multiplayer contains a single mode titled: anarchy. In this four player mode you and three other soldiers battle waves and waves of enemies. When you hit a milestone, you’ll unlock more designs for your character. Items such as different suits, camo, character taunts.  Nothing too extravagant, but it’s still nice that you can make your character look way different from the other. Within a wave you kill a certain amount of enemies, but you have to do it with style. Team executions are fun to watch, but if you don’t do them, you will not advance to the next round. In all modes you have a leash, and with it you can reel in people. Once you have them reeled, the player can either shoot them point-blank, or throw them to another teammate. My personal favorite is unlocking the Thumper ability for the leash. With the thumper, you can slap the leash down on the floor, sending your enemies up on the ceiling (splat!).

Bulletstorm is simply a fun game. We recommend it as a 40 dollar title. We all know whats happening in April, so you’ll probably buy this regardless of what I say. You won’t really regret the purchase if you’re a mature gamer. Though after Echoes has run its course, and the campaign is beat, you’ll be dying to play with Marcus and the crew sooner than expected. The multiplayer component just isn’t strong enough to last you until that time. If your going to buy, do it. Just don’t expect the world.

Bulletstorm gets MF MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit

+Fresh Gameplay

+Great humor

What’s Perpetrating

-Multiplayer leaves much to be desired

-Online game pass


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