Tales from the Kiosk: A Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Preview

Real Talk By: KJ

A great friend of mine tipped me off that Best Buy had Marvel vs Capcom 3 early. After work, I raced there. Well they had the full game to play in the stores Kiosk, but that was it. I still have to wait until February 15th to take it home. I was able to play for an hour straight without any interruptions. I guess I came at the right time. Seriously, there was no one around, and nobody staring. Nobody licking their chops wanting to play. I’ll be honest, even if there was, they might as well grab a seat. What i played was so well polished and just downright fun. Mvc3 has been in development since 2008, and it certainly shows. I approve of all of the stages played. The Daily Bugle Stage was great, as well as the Resident Evil themed one. Mvc2’s stages just felt generic, so its great that these are actually pulled from Marvel Comics and Capcom games.

I tried to run through as many characters as possible. Spencer’s arm (as expected) is very useful in combat. He’s a little slower than I expected, but its cool when you have a big arm that brings people to you Scorpion style. Deadpool doesn’t disappoint either, he is hilarious too. From the noises he makes in his super combos, to his winning taunts after the fight, its evident a lot of work was put into the Merc with a mouth. Chris Redfield had a full arsenal. Those who miss BB Hood will enjoy Chris. The man is strapped up. Flamethrowers, grenades, and even the Taser device from Re5 are all at his disposal. On a side note, Phoenix is a tough girl, I think she will pose major problems for noobies. The new additions are fantastic, but the character that impressed me the most out of my quick play session was Super Skrull. I guess it’s just that combination of all of the fantastic four’s abilities that makes him such a threat. It seems like he has an attack for every situation. I plan on getting good with him on the 15th.

The returning characters still have all of their moves, and play as if you were in Mvc2. This is a great thing. Characters such as Spider-man, Iron Man, and Ryu of course all are great to play with. Hulk seems tougher this time, and is certainly bigger. The real treat is seeing all three characters using their super at the same time. Sure it looked great 10 years ago, but with the new dazzling graphics and fluidity that the game has, its like you’ve never seen it done before. The boss battle was tough in arcade, but Id say just a little under Abyss in difficulty. I don’t want to detail the battle to you, but lets just say there’s more going on than you think.

To sum it all up, I cannot wait for Mvc3 to release on Tues. The game plays as you remember, but remains fresh from the new faces surrounding it. I plan on going back to Best Buy to get another play through. I will toss a kid if I have to! Expect a full on video review next week.


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