Dead Space 2 Review

Real Talk By: Vex

If there ever was a FML video game contest, I believe Isaac from Dead Space would easily be in the running. Dead space 2 starts off with the same feeling of dread that the last game left you with, regardless if you were playing  dead space 1 or Extraction. The story picks right up in the sequel, with no wait at all. Through out the game’s story you’ll find yourself getting lost in the fiction, immersed in a way few games manage to do. The mood is set by the sound and look of the levels. It really helps to put you in a state of tense concentration. The art style and graphic prowess DS2 possess, truly plays a huge part in scarring the shit out of you. The graphics are truly top-notch. What is a game if it’s all story, graphics and no gameplay? (Heavy Rain?) Well, that’s no problem here.

Resident Evil can take some notes from this game in that department. The way the weapons function plus the rate of which the ammo is dispersed makes for some tense gameplay sequences. Managing your budget for upgrades to your rig or stasis module helps to determine how difficult the rest of the game will be. If you feel as if maybe you invested in the wrong weapon, you can Re-spec the nodes for a price at any of the tool benches in the game and place them on another weapon or invest them into your stasis or rig. All the weapons from dead space one return for the sequel by the way. Along with weapons, certain enemies make a return to Dead Space 2. Not all the bosses make a comeback. Though this might bother some, visceral stated the reason for this was based on story and not so much by technical limitations. Click the link so you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

This is in no way takes away from the game, because there are still plenty of moments with confrontations, were the odds seem completely stacked against you. There are a total of five difficulties in the game starting from casual to hardcore. I started at veteran which is one notch above normal, and let me tell ya’ this game is no joke. As the game progressed I considered changing the difficulty a couple of times. The biggest payoff comes when beating the game on zealot because you get a foam finger gun which is not only funny, but powerful, and comes in handy when playing the hardcore difficulty which only lets you save three times. The campaign alone has a lot of replay value without even getting into the multiplayer. The MP on Dead Space two is hit or miss. People who enjoyed the way multiplayer worked on Left 4 Dead, will more than likely enjoy the online. Some people have complained that there is no slayer versus, but truthfully this game is fine without it. Not every multiplayer has to have slayer versus, seriously. The way multiplayer is handled by Visceral really works for the type of game they have created. Four human players must survive necromorph attacks while trying to complete different objectives in order to be able to escape in the end. On the other end, you can pick from various types of necromorphs and you must kill the humans to prevent their escape before the timer runs out.

All in all the multiplayer isn’t polished enough to keep you coming back for a while, but it’s anything but tacked on. The key to win is teamwork regardless of what team you are on. The more you play the more stuff you can unlock on both sides. The map count right now is at four, but they all look amazing. There is fun to be had here but it just gets repetitive after a while. Hence why I didn’t go into crazy details about it. The bread and butter is in the campaign. The 15 chapters in the single player alone justifies the price of the game. As if that is not enough Visceral has DLC on the way. Dead Space 2: Severed will add two new chapters to the game and will follow Dead Space: Extraction‘s Gabriel and Lexine as they try to get to safety during the events of Dead Space 2. Not much has been said about the DLC, so it’s still unclear what exactly the Severed will entail. So for managing to make a great sequel to an already great game

Dead Space 2 Gets


4.5 of 5

What’s Legit?

+This game does it’s job. Amazing graphics, tight gameplay and great story.

+If you hate on this game, you don’t know s***.

What’s perpetrating?

-The fact that if you are reading this review probably means you haven’t got it yet, so go get it.

-Online game Pass

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