Games We Regret Buying

The overall quality in video games continues to grow. 2011 seems as if it truly will be the best year for gamers. Pockets will be emptied over the next few months. Guaranteed.You’ve already been spending money like crazy on games. We know it, especially if you’re like us. There had to have been bumps in the road along the way though. The editors of Play Legit have gotten together to bring you the games we regret buying. This list Starts with Current Gen games, and goes all the back to the Super Nintendo. Mistakes were made, evil companies were paid.

Vex’s Choice: If any games sticks out more than any other on my regrets list it would have to be Modern Warfare 2 (PS3, Xbox 360). No other games disappointed like this one. Not only was the multiplayer plagued with glitches, but the campaign was almost non existant.Patches were promised to fix the on-line but the game only got worse as time went on. Then as news hit of the departure (firing) of its two developement leads, I felt like all I did was purchase a sabotage riddled revenge disc that could never be fixed. At least if the game had a decent campaign or maybe zombies then I might not have held such a grudge. But what I did learn is that I will not be buying any product that respawn ent ever makes nor any product from infinity ward. It’s such a disappointment to spend 60 dollars on a game that gets so hyped up just to realise that the only difference between the game and a pile of shit , is that at least the odor from the pile gives you a warning it’s shit.

Another game on my biggest regret list is Rockstar Table Tennis (PS3, Xbox 360). This was almost gonna be my first pick because it had a heavy dose of frustration, plus I broke the disc to pieces by dancing on it. At first you have fun with the game because you think to yourself hey here’s a different concept for a game, plus its rockstar. Once you start progressing the sheer evil starts to show. The german (Jesper)  in the game must have had nazi ties or was just some kind of experiment in anger management. I swear this guy could predict any and all the moves I was going to try. It got so bad to the point I had friends over trying to beat this guy, but to no avail. At that point I gave up the main game and took it on-line which was somewhat fun, but the cheap way certain people play took the fun right out. I think the biggest flaw in the game stemmed from the difficulty curve. One minute your forrest gump ping-pong extraordinaire the next your forrest gump AKA can’t get right. This game was something different and that’s what attracted me but it ended up being just a game with cheap A.I. that can drive a man to stand on a disc screaming “how do you like that now? huh win that..”

D. Harris’ Choice: Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360). Matchmaking. Need I say more?

Any Madden game that’s Xbox Live enabled, mainly because of the people who play it, not the game itself. Since when is never punting, going for it on fourth from your own 10, and going for two after every touchdown a valid football strategy?

Mo’s Choice: Prototype (Ps3/Xbox360) The game was made from the same folks that brought us Hulk Ultimate Destruction, So I knew it had to be good. Open world gameplay, and having access to a variety of powers could make for some incredible moments. However, I was wrong 100 percent. At the beginning of the game you have all of your powers. But then the game pulls a metroid. The very next sequence of gameplay, you no longer have those abilities. While I understand the concept of building the character up, the process gets annoying in this title. The controls were awful, and it didn’t help that they scrapped the multiplayer from the game. As every day went by, my drive to play the game became less and less. It got to the point where I was happy to trade it in. This was the one game that made me want to rent more often.

Bandit’s Choice: Tomb Raider: Angel of darkness (PS2) Most people regret this game due to the bad controls, not from lack luster graphics. I regret getting this game to the lack. Of. Cleavage!! Why else would you buy a Tomb Raider game, and they made me play as a dude. A Dude? A sad day in gaming.

J. Valdez’s Choice: Batman Forever (SNES)… I got suckered into paying for this game twice. Once when I was a kid, and more recently, last year when I bought a pack of games off eBay for my SNES. Even as a child I knew this was a terrible game, unfortunately for me I had never read a review for a game and had no idea what I got into. It’s infamous for being such a bad tie in, and if you look online you can find many terrible reviews because the critics tore it up. I just found it to be extremely boring and repetitive.

KJ’s Choice: Beast Wars (PS1) Back in the day my currency, wasnt exactly on the up and up. Because of this, I only had two games to my name: Crash Bandicoot 1 and Crash Bandicoot Warped. Doing chores around the house for months and months was the only way possibly to earn this game. I knew in the back of my mind that the game would suck, but I didn’t want to listen. Guess I Felt like anybody from last year that supported the AVP game. I was a big fan of Beast Wars, and still to this day it hasn’t changed. Companies cash in on kids all the time with their Movie/TV tie in games. This was no different. Beast Wars was an absolute crapfest. Terrible visuals then, and horrid level design now. A limited supply of transformers and enemies meant the game equalled quick boredom. I’d put in a screenshot from the game, but I don’t wanna hurt your eyes. Awful. At least now I can heal my wounds with War For Cybertron.

Driv3r With a clever name like that, you would have expected more out of the game. Driver 3 arrived during a period when the next GTA was being tweaked. Atari took advantage of this time window and dropped this crap on us. I love every GTA game, so I was reeled in by all of the promotional ads. Stealing cars, Gorgeous graphics, and sweet rides were all here. What I didn’t expect was the gameplay mechanics to be so disgusting. Terrible on foot sequences that would make Rogue Squadron 3 look like Metal Gear, to massive amounts of graphical glitches. Since then the Driver series has been on a time out for me. Somebody else might want to review the newest title, because I won’t pull any punches.

Cmack’s Choice: So about 2 and half, 3 years ago, Midway was going bankrupt due to tough times, because not every game plays as consistently and clean as pimpin. And clean and consistent gameplay is not something that every game made possesses, either. But more on that in a second.

When I found out that there was going to be such a thing as Mortal Kombat versus DC, my mind jumped, suddenly a time-space continuum landed me back in elementary school. ‘Games like this aren’t made!’ I thought, ‘This is the type of stuff you dream about, wonder about, but never actually get to see the light of day!’ I was really swept up in the idea of two franchises I liked battling each other, not since Marvel vs Capcom had such a major and bizarre pair been made. Sure, there were plenty of crossovers between Capcom and SNK and other Japanese fighting games and Japanese companies, but it’s not really that often you see Western comic book superheroes in a fighting game, and being a fan of them, I was really intrigued at the notion of the Justice League and company taking on the gore-mongers of the MK world.

The problem is that I (like what I’m guessing was the thought process of most consumers of this game) didn’t really think past the outrageous premise that appealed to the kid in me. At that point, the Mortal Kombat series had been doing…okay, I guess. I remember thinking that Armageddon, despite all the characters, was just kind of lackluster, the boss seemed really tacked on (I mean, it all boils down to some monster named BLAZE? WTF?), and individual fatalities had been taken out completely, which really made it seem weak. But enough about Armageddon, simply put, MK had been moving away from its roots, and really, the fighting system hadn’t evolved that far past Deadly Alliance, the first of the new generation MK’s. All of these should’ve been warning signs.

MK VS DC was one of the most rushed fighting games I think I’ve ever played. There wasn’t a single part of the game they didn’t cut corners on, from the lack of alternate costumes (They’re comic characters! You have any idea how many alternate universes DC has?!?!?) to the slim roster and undercooked story. Really, if you can stomach it, watch some of the cut scenes, they’re shamefully bad, with, I think Batman beating Scorpion with a damn tazer, and also The Flash the same way. I remember the hit-detection and overall flow of the fighting to be very clunky, with some mechanics of the moves seeming really inconsistent. Added to that, many of the characters had the same concepts or ideas behind their specials, like many of the DC characters especially just seemed to have mixed and matched moves with only a few superficial differences between them, but not really much gameplay differences. The two unlockable characters, Darkseid and Shao Kahn, didn’t even have fatalities! There was just a real lack of modes, content, and overall material, that, in light of how much there was to do in the two previous MK games, really made this seem slim and not well put-together.

I read on Wikipedia that apparently after having seen how successful Gears of War was, the Mortal Kombat team was inspired to do a gritty, back-to-basics Mortal Kombat game, but abandoned the idea as soon as they made a deal with DC. Now it looks like they’re finally going back to that plan, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Back in the 90’s, the Meth-Heaeded Techno Jockey who screamed “MOOOOOOOORTAL KOOOOOMBAAAAT!” on the movie’s soundtrack never envisioned a half-baked, superhero filled snore-fest, he was screaming about tearing out organs and being covered in your opponent’s brain matter, in other words, what’s really important in life.


2 thoughts on “Games We Regret Buying

  1. I have played a few of these games. I have played Rockstar Table Tennis. I just used Liu Ping and I can’t remember if I had much difficulty (I think I might have found Jesper quite hard). It was a bit hard to make this game exciting though and it was difficult to direct the ball for each shot. I have played Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. The game is a lot darker than the other games in the series and seems to be influenced by the Da Vinci Code. I did not find it as good as the other games and feel it was saved as a standalone game (rather than a series as it seems to have been intended) as it feels like an unique entry to the series, with changed controls and murder mystery story. I have played Tomb Rider: Underworld on the Playstation 2, which is worse than the Angel of Darkness game as it is blatantly a cheaper version of the game available on the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360.


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