Trailer of The Week 1/17/11

This Wrestling arcade fighter has the best of both worlds. The top stars of Wrestling’s past and present collide. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton and even Kofi Kingston are on deck. WWE All-Stars looks like it will be old school fun. Speaking of the old school, Macho Man Randy Savage makes his return from the shadows to let everyone know of All-Stars’ power. Take a look at the gameplay, it appears as if you can juggle people in the air sort of like MvC. The graphics even look solid to me. It makes me wonder. How does Smackdown Vs Raw look exactly the same every year, while All-Stars looks fantastic? Pick up the game during Wrestlemania Weekend. March 29th 2011


One thought on “Trailer of The Week 1/17/11

  1. But you forget! THAT NOBODY! Can comprehend the stench of combat FLOWIN THRU THE VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEINNNNS of the killing machine that is….THE ULTIMATE……………….

    Load up the fuel into the rocketship, because the ULTIMATE WOAHYAH is a killing machine with the power of a thousand RAGING ELEPHANTS!!!



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