Halo Reach: Noble Six Map Pack Review

Real Talk By: Vex

First off this review is intended for the stragglers and not so much for the core, which more than likely already busy taking lives. Second, why do a review this far after the release of the map pack? Well, I believe in doing a more in-depth review over a long period of time to truly test the product and to see if any issues come up later, versus one quick review just designed to get hits because it’s the hot topic. Now after spending almost two months with this map pack I can truly say it’s worth the ten-dollar price point, other games charge five dollars more and don’t even offer half of the options that halo reach does. Forge alone will keep you busy with this map pack so far as Tempest, but the other two maps Anchor 9 and Breakpoint don’t offer a wide palette in forge. Now so far as gameplay, these maps feel better to play in than the ones that came with the game itself. Each map plays different and can handle many of the game types Halo Reach offers.

Anchor 9 is set in one of the campaign space stations. It offers players a small symmetrical space for short-range weapons combat. There is an area in the map with zero gravity once you go past the shield doors, which makes for interesting combat. I’ve seen attempts to camp in this map cut short by the way it was designed. Each of the side rooms have multiple entrances. Most of the combat regardless of the game type takes place in the middle pit. By far this is my favorite of the maps, because the way it plays by design, keeps you in constant action.

Tempest is set in the same Halo ring as forge world. It’s a mix of Forge world from Reach and Valhalla from Halo 3. This map is versatile so far as weapons go. Theres spaces where an assault rifle can do you justice, but there are spaces were a sniper rifle or a DMR is the only option. The weapon placement on this map is some of the best I’ve seen, with the diverse playing space the right weapon at the right time can make the game winning difference. Out of all the maps this would be the one to forge on as I previously stated.

Breakpoint is in Site B of the campaign Oni Base, which is set in a forerunner structure. The largest of all the DLC maps and the only one with the Invasion game-type. This map is also good for big team slayer, but the diverse space makes it possible to get into small quarters combat. Vehicles play a large role in the tug of war towards victory in this map, but unlike other games they are balanced well, even though some people try to play cheap.

Much more can be said about each of the maps.  From the amazing graphics and attention to gameplay detail, along with the design spaces being some of the most fun I’ve ever played in a while. I can’t put my finger on why these maps are playing so great but I have two theories. Maybe all the cheap people stopped playing Reach and moved on to Black ops, or maybe Bungie cares about how their game plays and actually play tested the crap out of their maps until they got the right balance. Perhaps it’s a mix of both, but whether you’ve left Reach due to new games or just plain got tired of a douche spamming armor lock, these maps are the perfect incentive to come back.

Halo Reach: Noble Six Map Pack Gets


5 out of 5

Whats Legit?

+Bungie continues to hold the crown in multiplayer by giving us what should be the standard for fun multiplayer with this map pack.

What’s Perpetrating?

-People who suck at halo wanna rag on the game and convince others not to get the map pack. Truth is veteran or newcomer there is fun to be had on Reach.


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