Indie Spotlight: Defy Gravity

Real Talk By: KJ

The world of Indie games can be unpredictable at times. While there is a handful of games that are outstanding, it seems most have been somewhat of a let down. Anyone that regularly plays indie games on XBL can tell you the same thing. On the positive side of things, when you find an Indie game that is good, it really is that. Braid, Limbo, The Dishwasher, Shank, and more. Enter Defy Gravity. DG is the newest game from indie developers Fish Factory Games.

You play as Kara, a space explorer of sorts, that has arrived on an alien tomb. She is there to find out the secrets of this location. Going through the levels can be a challenge. She has a gun that can alter gravity itself. Fish Factory writes: ” Kara has a gun that is able to alter the laws of physics through the creation of pockets of gravity and anti-gravity. By mastering the use of these abilities Kara is able to augment her jump in order to almost fly past obstacles. These powers can also be utilized to move objects that block her path and platforms that Kara stands on in order to traverse the levels.” To me, the game feels like Jetpack Refueled, with a little bit of Metroid as well.

The review copy we received let us play on the keyboard, or we could even plug-in a wired controller. Either way you play, the gameplay felt solid. Once you understand the in-game physics, you can really do some cool things. I enjoy shooting the Anti-Gravity burst from the gun the most. It sends the enemies flying causing some unique reactions. Sometimes though, the enemies might bounce back at you, so be careful when you use it. While DG’s visuals are somewhat plain, the gameplay carries it through 100%.  Not only the clever gameplay, but the soundtrack as well. There’s a lot of different songs in the game. The music is quality, and it captures that feeling of being alone in space.

This is a challenging, but forgiving game as well. Plenty of checkpoints and no lives, equals no headaches. Completing each level feels satisfying because of the design. This game has Pull. Literally. You can Pick up Defy Gravity for $4.99 Right Here. It’s also available on XBL for a single dollar. Get this game. Support quality Indie Developers.


4 thoughts on “Indie Spotlight: Defy Gravity

    1. I’m sorry but you can’t play it on a mac unless maybe you use bootcamp(I don’t know if this will work) or dual boot into windows. It will be coming out on xbox next month though.


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