BA-BGM: Wu-Tang Shaolin Style

Real Talk By: KJ

Every once in a while, I like to take a trip down memory lane. While the metacritic isn’t the prettiest, ill be damned if I didn’t Enjoy me some Wu-Tang Shaolin Style. Cmack actually still has it on his PS1. Shaolin Style had A decent size roster of fighters including The Wu, and other characters that could have easily been featured in Mortal Kombat. Also the title featured Violence that raised the bar back then, and four player versus. All of these things together, equaled me and my homies having a great time. This is the reason why I picked this to be my Tune. U God’s: Rumble, was the perfect accompaniment to this game. It pumped you up to fight, and it’s just a quality song. While I would rather see a true sequel to Def Jam Fight for NY before I request a Another Wu Game, Playing as the crew via the Playstation Network should happen. Whether you liked the game or not, this soundtrack was absolute gold. This is the reason why Wu-Tang Shaolin Style is In Tune.


3 thoughts on “BA-BGM: Wu-Tang Shaolin Style

  1. They need to update this title for the current gen.I have nothing but good memories beating the shit outta friends on this game.



    They didn’t give an inch on the tracks for the this game, it’s honestly just as good as any normal album they ever made, they didn’t go less harder because “Oh, it’s just a game.”

    That’s what really impressed me, this game is what got me into Wu-Tang in general.


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