SplatterHouse Review

Real Talk By: KJ

SplatterHouse is the reboot of the classic series on the genesis. In fact just by playing the game, you can unlock the original trilogy. I never really liked the games back then, but if you did, I believe it’s content that you can enjoy. Speaking of unlocks, you can also unlock pics of the hero’s girlfriend. Yes they are sleazy pics, so I guess if virtual chicks are you thing…..never mind. Just like the past titles, this one follows the same format.

Your girl has been kidnapped by evil forces, and you have to rescue her. Enter this wimpy ass nerd: Rick. As his girl is taken from him, rick is left lifeless on the floor. A strange mask revives him, giving him super strength, and a thirst for blood. The mask helps keep the game interesting by making constant wise-cracks. He makes fun of you, and even the girl you’re trying to save.

The graphics Can look very nice especially when blood is being spilled. Character models have somewhat of a lite Cell-Shaded look (Think Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions). The problem is that it’s not consistent. Sometimes the game will switch to a 2D angle like the old titles, but it is poorly designed, and often looks awful. The moments that the game looks good, it really can. Kill enemies, and see the detail in the blood spray everywhere. The floor, the screen, and even on your person.

Your Body relies on Blood to remain strong. With enough blood collected, you can turn into a creature like Doomsday from Superman. It almost feels unbalanced when you turn into this thing. All of your attacks are super strong. Even the top-tier enemies get annihilated without a second thought. Also, being in that state recharges your health. Blood cells earn you points to upgrade Rick. With the upgrades, you can get new combos, more health. In other words, everything you would expect from a modern-day action game.

The story is simple and not memorable at all. Rick has to stop this evil force before it takes over the world. Well, at least the voice acting is surprisingly pretty good. Sub-par presentation, decent graphics, and Standard combat doesn’t equal a great game. It makes for something slightly under average. Just rent it if you have to play it. Not the worst but, I believe in you, you can do much better.

Splatterhouse Gets MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit?

+Voice Acting

+Buckets of blood

What’s Perpetrating?

-Gameplay feels clunky overall

-Inconsistent visuals


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