Play Legit Podcast #4: Still Waiting For The VGA’s

Real Talk By: KJ and Vex

With every passing year, Spike Tv’s Video Game Awards looses more and more steam. KJ and Vex attempt to weigh in on the problem. They discuss the winners, and the industry as a whole. Find out exactly why the VGA’s needs a major overhaul. Find out what needs to be done to make next year’s show watchable. Download. Listen. Enjoy.

Download: VGA Podcast

What did you think about this year’s show?


One comment

  1. Ay yall, I just wanna say that this was a really well put together podcast, you guys kept it truly professional and came from a critical standpoint. I know it must have been tough to not fill it up with a bunch of swears and insults, because I would’ve been tempted to, but instead you guys kept your cool and let people know EXACTLY what was wrong with the proceedings.

    I’m extra-glad I didn’t watch the show now.


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