Assassin’s Creed: BrotherHood Review

Real Talk By: Vex

When did Assassin’s Creed 2 come out? Has it only been a year? Yes and yes. So going in to play Brotherhood I had my doubts about it’s quality. Considering they also added multiplayer to the mix, I feared the worst for the campaign, not to mention the online features. Much to my surprise, I was immediately sucked into a story that picks up right were the last left off. Scale wise, there have been some changes to the way creed works. Instead of going from location to location you are mostly in Rome. Rome in scale, is the largest Creed map to date. Not only has the map increased in size  but the level of immersion is impressive.

Side missions feel more polished and not tacked on. You can also build an Assassins guild and even attend a ceremony. All of this takes place once you get them leveled up to an assassin. You level up citizens by sending them on missions via a pigeon coop, or having them help you out during battles (which is an ability you earn not too late in the game). It’s not like you really need their help anyways, especially since the combat is more solid this time around.

Improvements have been made on everything from weapons and hand combat, to the counter system leaving one very satisfied after a well executed battle.You can now sharpen your battle and assassin skill in a newly added challenge mode within the animus. It has leaderboard ranking system, so you can take on your friends by trying to beat each others time or combos. That’s enough to add replay value without the need for Multi-player. I was dreading the thought of this games multiplayer, even though my homie J-Bo had played the beta and told me that it was “fire”. For the urban slang impaired, he meant that it was “Really good and fun”. Once again I was shocked and hooked.

The multi player comes with various modes: Alliance Wanted and the advanced version of these modes, which means weaker radars and targeting. All of which are extremely fun and addictive. This has been that new multiplayer experience I’ve been waiting for. Some might argue that it didn’t need it, or that it isn’t polished enough, but I strongly disagree. It’s very well crafted for their first attempt at a multiplayer for a game of this genre. This can be attributed to the fact that as you rank up, you get new abilities and perks to take out your enemies. Minus one game mode, even though you are hunting your pray, you yourself are being hunted as well. This keeps every match intense. Each of the maps look different and beautiful as well. The graphics don’t suffer in multiplayer, minus some screen tearing in the campaign. /other than that,  I have no more complaints so far as the visuals.

All in all, AC brotherhood is a true sequel worth every cent. Some have reviewed the game and said that there is no emotional connection in the beginning to keep you invested into the rest of the game. Really? It’s a game, not a date. Besides, that’s what the other Creeds are for. The story moves along setting you up for more to come. Judging by this games story, this is great news. My concerns about BH being released just a year after AC2 were put to a halt after putting my hands on it.Would i suggest this to a newcomer that hasn’t played AC before? Yes and no. Yes for the multiplayer, and no for the campaign. You would be completely lost if you just jumped into this story the 3rd game in.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood gets MF MF MF MF M out of five.

What’s Legit?

+Story graphics and tha way you can

+Assassinating MF’s online is satisfying

What’s perpetrating?

-Getting into matches with friends can be difficult and when you do, sometimes you’ll get matched up unevenly. What’s my level 20 going to do against a level 40?….c’mon


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