Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage Video Review

This 80’s Classic Anime has been resurrected in video game form. Kenshiro’s adventures are retold in Fist Of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. Can this brawler hang with it’s Dynasty Warriors relatives? Or was it already dead from the start?


We Gave Ken’s Rage


Out of Five

7 thoughts on “Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage Video Review

  1. yo i wasnt expectin that but good timing lol way at the end , perfect , ill be back tho , gotta pick up the weighted abit , LoL good pic pick wit thumbs up lol thats on ON piont pose all the way , i see U C Mack !!!! LOL


  2. i wasnt expectin that lol but good timing , perfect , at the end jus a quick review on REACH thats all we need lol but ill be back , tryna get the weight up abit , C Mack iI see U LOL


  3. Not big on the Anime stuff but going to check this one out. Nice job on the video but I have to go against the 5 out of 5 for Reach. I am a Halo Gamer and nothing has yet come up as good as H2. Reach just comes up short for me so far. So much so I am playing Black Ops instead. Keep up the good work you guys are doing!


  4. @Rick via , i see what ur sayin du , it like most sayin they like H3 betta , and i herd that people startin to feel REACH was cheap , but that was for the opening to the Halo heads an fans , so halo always been a classic smooth si fi 1st person shooter and a online , appreciate the honest comment tho cuz TLR is bout the REAL TALK and im out BOOM!


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