Super Meat Boy Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Super Meat Boy is an addictive 2D platformer that will put your skills to the test. This game will take you right back to your childhood, when games were hard, but balanced. Each level is well designed. You will go across different worlds like Mario Bros. Each region with its own theme and boss. Somehow, The developers were able to find a loophole in Microsoft’s corrupt DLC rules and regulations. With this legit act of fan support, you will see DLC in the near future, that will be completely free.

The evil Dr. Fetus has kidnapped your girl. In order to save her, you have to conquer 100 levels of insane challenges. The levels are varied nicely. Everything about the presentation is superb. The sound effects are great, and the music is instantly memorable. You can find warp zones, that take you to even more retro styled places. It’s cool, because the music will be transferred over to sound like it is 8 bit as well. Every world has it’s own hell version. As you can guess, the hell stages are real difficult, but you do not need to complete them to move on in the story. Also, there are cut scenes that set up each world. One of the intro movies spoofs Street Fighter 2. It’s little things like this that add to the presentation nicely.

With every level completed, you can watch and save your replays. Proudly show off your achievements to your friends. So we know that the presentation is on lock down, but how about the game play? controlling Meatboy feels natural, as if you’ve been doing it for years. How you make Meatboy run and bounce of walls is reminiscent of N+, but with even more fluid controls. This is a good thing, because you will be dying a lot. Guaranteed. Everywhere Meatboy goes, a trail of meat sticks to that spot. Not only does this look cool, it offers something very useful. If you keep dying, you can see the meat trail from where you were before. This will let you know that you shouldn’t be going in that area anymore. The meat trail has helped me several times get through hell.

Though the game offers no multiplayer, this is a pass the controller kind of game. You die, pass it to your friend. Your friend dies, he passes it to the next. The main reason why this game is from your past is quite simply its design. Back then, if a game was whooping on you, it was because you weren’t skilled enough, and not because it had cheap bosses and 1 life endings. Super Meat Boy takes you back to a more glorious time in gaming, giving you a great time, for a great price. With 10 dollars (temporarily, then back to $15), you’ll get one of the best Downloadable titles this year, and of all time.

Super Meat Boy Gets


5 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+ Superb gameplay that takes you back to the 90’s

+ Well designed levels

+ Addictive and challenging

What’s Perpetrating?

– Will be painfully hard for most

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