5 Things The New Dashboard Needs

Real Talk By: KJ and D.Harris

We’ve had the new dash for about a month now. The editors at Play Legit have play tested this thing like crazy. There are several things that are done right, but there are a few omissions that the console could really use. Overall, We will admit, this year’s update is a quality one.

5. The ability to customize Colors and font.

While we love the design, not everyone will. People will complain about the white menu screens. Perhaps an option to change the color back to blue, or other color options would suffice as well.

4. Netflix Movie Recommendations

While it’s great that you can now browse for any movie, recommending your favorite flicks to friends would be ideal. Destination arcade allows you to recommend games, so Netflix should offer something similar.

3. No Advertisements

We Pay 60 dollars a year, this should excuse us from any type of advertising that’s not game related. Axe Spray, McDonald’s, and the rest need to go.

2. A Queue for ESPN

When you load up the app, you’ll notice there’s live events, and upcoming events. It would be nice to queue the future games. Your Xbox would remind you when the show is going to start. Think 1 vs 100 without the suck.

1. Day one Functionality

Every single time there is a system update, there seems to be issues. Problems such as people not being able to connect online. We looked at several message boards for other sites and in each message board, we saw several nasty comments. statements made that people couldn’t connect online at all. When you have a full system change happening, it needs to be in tow, with no major hitches.

What else does the update need? Drop some knowledge below.

Drop Knowledge

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