MMA VS UFC 2010: Which Game Is Better?

Real Talk By: KJ

While both games are actually quite similar in design, what separates them from each other? We do believe the claims that UFC Dana White made about EA, but it doesn’t really affect the consumer either way. It’s actually beneficial to us. competition is good, just ask anyone that made NBA 2K11. I’ll be honest, I thought MMA was going to be an unpolished mess. I knew the game was going to look great right out of the gate, but graphics are the last thing on my mind when I play a mixed martial arts game. Couldn’t have been more wrong. You can tell that EA borrowed a lot from UFC 2010. This was a good thing, as MMA right out of the gate plays and feels like a sophomore title.

Career Mode

Both career modes are very similar also. You use your phone a lot, you climb the ladder to the main leagues, and you learn more moves for your fighter. The main difference is your coaching. Bas Rutten does an excellent job of giving you advice as your progress through your story. In UFC’s career mode you feel like your completely by yourself, and no one is helping you become great.

Edge: MMA


UFC wins this category by a long shot. From the PPV video packages that set up a fight, to the Superb Commentary by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, you feel like you are competing in a grand scale fight. MMA actually has a full soundtrack, but the quality of the music is questionable. In UFC, The commentators tell you the past history of a fighter, and also their personal opinions about them too. Realistic presentation touches such as these, really set UFC apart from its copycat. Also, you really can’t beat Bruce Buffers introductions.

Edge: UFC


This isn’t fight Night. Before we even compare the two, go in MMA’s option screen and select classic controls. The fight Night control scheme does not work here. It makes the game way more complicated than it needs to be. What works in Round 4 doesn’t work in every game. I’m talking to you NBA Elite. Upon switching the controls to classic, you’ll notice that the controls mirror UFC’s. If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. These settings should get you by in both games.



While you cannot place sponsors on your fighting trunks in MMA, the player editing is miles better than the competitiors. There’s a plethora of nice tattoos and solid shirts for your Created fighter. Unless you have a very rare name for your fighter, most likely your going to find the name of your choice. Finally, a game where the announcer says my name in full. Even if you don’t select from a template of names, typing in your own sometimes still works. MMA has the download/share option from Fight Night Round 4, where you can get custom characters from other users. This is a clever way MMA lets you make UFC fighters without having to pay dividends.

Edge: MMA

Stand Up

The stand up feels smooth on both titles, but EA’s is somewhat limited in this category, when it comes down to the moves. Several fighters stand up in UFC, mirrors the way it would be in real life. Most fighters in MMA share the exact same punches, Kicks, and even special strikes. Having someone in the clench feels great on both titles, so this part is a draw. In Undisputed, it feels like you are fighting someone completely different most of the time. MMA’s flash knockouts are very rare, which is odd for the sport. There’s no way that somebody in real life could take all that punishment. I will say this, MMA’s options to play with japanese rules, lets me stomp on peoples faces, this is a plus. On the other hand, UFC’s flash Knockouts are far too frequent. Still, having a full arsenal of fighting moves, rather than a limited supply means UFC takes it.

Edge: UFC

Ground Game

Any wrong movement on the ground can lead to a quick loss. You could get a hammer fist to the skull, or submitted in a blink of an eye. So many technical aspects of the sport can be found on the mat. Submissions are very different on both games. In UFC, mash the buttons more than the other person and you win. No skill involved. In MMA, you have to maintain your stamina levels. Mash the buttons too much, and your stamina will run out. While some feel that this way is cheap too, at least MMA’s submission system takes a little bit of skill. Making transitions on the ground to get better positioning feels the same on both. The way the counters work on the ground, very similar. Landing ground and pound is exeptional both, but submissions are just flat-out better to me on MMA. It’s very satisfying, that you put in somewhat of an effort to make the person tap.

Edge: MMA

Who Wins?

MMA’s Graphics look way better than UFC’s, and i’ll even say round 4’s graphics as well. The frequency of blood and bruises are better in UFC, but the way it smears on the player and the mat, we give it to MMA. While the roster is a list of unknowns to many, the overall game mechanics just respond better than the other title. Right now the best Mixed-Martial-Arts game on the market is EA’s. If you want a casual experience, THQ’s game is the way to go, as it is a little more accessible to a larger audience. If you want the most accurate simulation of the sport to date though, look no further than MMA.

Winner: MMA

7 thoughts on “MMA VS UFC 2010: Which Game Is Better?

  1. you are a god damn moron the wwe games have been shit since 2001. the mma games are hardly below average my edge goes to ea’s game its a hell of a lot better than this years ufc game.

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    1. No way man! If you just mash buttons and spin the right stick, it takes you ages to change position, but if you learn the right movements (right stick) and the right timing for striking, UFC’s ground game is awesome. You just gotta train a bit.

      BTW i really don’t understand few things you give to MMA, UFC is a lot better, and they(MMA) copied a lot of UFC. That way it’s much easier to make a decent game. So i should say MMA is ‘better’, but infact UFC top’s the list. This year, when their game both come out at the same time, you’ll see that UFC crushes MMA…

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  2. writer i have to disagree with controls i liked the buttons in mma for striking at first but once i got the hang of the sticks wich wasnt too hard cause i play fight night with them i felt like my combinations worked exactly how they would in real life. the jabs actually effect u in this one in, in ufc the guys just walk right through anything but a power shot, ufc was ignorant to sign a longer contract with thq with the fighter share no body will remember thqs game anymore

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  3. well im not gon bash any game companys but honestly ima have to say i like MMA betta and i been off wrestlin games since THQs NO MERCY well i played SD vs RAW 2007 eh i got bored of it , but yea ill go wit MMA cuz i like the career mode , the fightin is smooth , they got the meter Bars up top set up good , like ull know when U gon get knocked out , like the cuts and face damages , blood almost everywhere lol like how u geta clean punch on there face and how they step back , like how u can defend urself when on ground gettin pounded by ur opponent , I know UFC 2010 has it also but MMA is alot…… how can i explain it???? submissions is alot betta breakin out of , u have defensive on that also , replays is pretty decent , u can save em it goes into ya profile , if u gon get it i say pick it up for Xbox 360 cuz i have it for ps3 and it kinda glichy …. like i said KINDA , so MMA i give its props tho , 4 outta 5 BOOMs

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