Batman: The Brave And The Bold Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Based right from the TV show, This Batman beat-em-up has itself aimed at the kids. With that in mind, this game can be enjoyed by many. There’s actually a pretty decent moveset that batman and his allies can use. Grapples, combos, and special attacks are all present. The game throws several enemies at you, and everyone drops cash. I really do mean every one, cash is all over the place. It reminds me of Ratchet and clank, or any recent Lego game. I suggest you try to pick it all up. with the coins, you can upgrade your character, and get new weapons for everyone. Batman with a lazer sword is a nice combination.While bashing heads in this game is for the most part, bears no challenge. While the game does have a great length to it, I have to say its pretty damn easy. Like the lego titles, there’s really no penalty for death here. The player just losses coins, but there’s plenty of opportunities to get it all right back. Quite simply this is an easy game.

Since I do not watch the show, the dialogue between characters really caught me off guard. In every single level there are plenty of humorous things said between batman and the particular ally of that stage. The second player A.I. is not too shabby. There will be occasions where the Cpu wont land a jump properly and fall, but they respawn instantly so it’s not too much of an issue. If you have an extra friend in your house, they can play along side you and engage in the mindless violence. There’s even a third player feature for those of you that have the game’s DS version. The Homie with the DS, can play as the goofy character Batmite.

The playable characters are all unique. You’ll have characters such as Robin, where he will need to use a grappling hook to get around. Other characters such as Hawkman, and the Blue Beetle can just use their abilities and launch themselves to where they need to be. There are also assist characters on top of the playable ones all ready present. Some of the Heroes, I wish I could have played as myself, instead of them just helping me out briefly and going away. Characters such as The Flash and Green Lantern should not be on the shelf. They briefly hit the screen and wipe out anyone caught in their way. They all look very sharp though. I really have to mention how great the 2-D sprites look. It would seem as if you are playing the TV show. While the visuals aren’t as sharp as Blazblue, they are clearly in the same neighborhood.

With the surprising amount of moves that your characters can pull off, this still won’t take you away from the simple fact that the game is just too repetitive. Had this been a 15 dollar Downloadable title, We would have no complaints here. Sadly, WB wants to charge us 40 big ones for this game. With that being said, even with a friend by your side, you will get bored eventually. Great level design, but when you do nothing new in the stages,  it really defeats the purpose. If you like old school beat-em-ups, this isn’t to hard to recommend. The main problem is it’s price point. If you can find it at a discounted price, do it. Either way I guarantee your kids will love it.

Batman: The Brave And The Bold Gets MF MF MF M out of five

What’s Legit

+Great Voice acting

+Solid movesets and weapons for all characters

What’s perpetrating

-Gets real repetitive

-The game is way too easy


One thought on “Batman: The Brave And The Bold Review

  1. Dang, at 40 bucks that’s a big problem for me, I tend to get bored with these types of games because of the repetitiveness. It does look fun though, I’ll wait for a price drop.


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