Halo Reach Review

Real Talk By: KJ

First off, I wanted to wait to review this game, so I didn’t catch myself in the hype of everything Halo. I wanted to thoroughly Play through Bungie’s “last” Halo using great criticism and that patented real life, so the review wouldn’t be tainted. Well, I have to tell you that This game is truly great in every aspect of the word. This is the best Halo game ever made.

The game follows one of the last group of Spartans, The Noble Team. You play as Noble six. Six’s Armor can be fully customized, and it will show up in the games cut scenes. You earn even more armor for six by playing in all of the Multiplayer modes (More on the multiplayer later folks). The in-game movies are very well done. The script is great, and the voice acting is all on point. The games score, sets the stage for all of these major events. All of these elements, add to the intensity of The Noble Team’s trials and tribulations. Noble team is a very like-able group for me. It’s rare in a game for me to be somewhat attached to every character on a team. I really liked Kat in the group, she’s a strong female character, something that is lacking in the gaming industry right now. They really drove the point across that the Spartans are tough warriors regardless of their gender. Plus her having a robot arm is just kind of bad ass.

The Campaign will take you about 9  to 11 hours to complete on the first run. I recommend playing on Heroic. Heroic is a hefty challenge, but not painful. Save the controller tossing for legendary. Under that mode, the A.I. is smart, and relentless. Trust my they do not let up. What surprised me is the team A.I. While I still wouldn’t let them drive me to McDonald’s, they can sure hold their own in a battle. That is Useful for legendary. You will have to retry a level several times, but it never really gets frustrating. Even with the punishing challenges the Covenant throws at you, the game remains simply fun. The campaign begins big and ends bigger, with each level out doing itself. My favorite level in the game has a lot of ice in it. I’ll just leave you with that. Also, stick around after the credits. Though we know what will happen in the end to Reach and its inhabitants, it’s still fun to experience it. Think Star wars Episode 3.

Reach uses a credit point system. With the points, you can buy the armor add-on’s and voices for your character. By purchasing different voices, you can hear your character use them in the game’s firefight mode. I’m saving up for Sgt. Johnson’s voice of course. Firefight has returned from ODST. For those new to firefight, think Horde Mode in Gears of war, where you survive waves of enemies that continue to get tougher and tougher. You can now do firefight in matchmaking and enjoy original maps made just for that mode. Forge is also back, allowing for better design options and more functionality when editing maps. Bungie has really left it open to the community to design something truly great.

The credit system adds so much replay value to the game, its insane. Bungie really has designed Reach so that you will want to play it every single day. Every day there are special challenges that you can attempt. The challenges are only for that specific day, and will change each time. For instance, get 150 kills that day, you might receive 500 Credits. Doing these daily tasks, helps your character level up, and acquire armor add-ons much faster than your friends.

The Multiplayer really feels like the next big step for Halo. For me Halo 3 just kind of felt the same as the other titles. This is not the case for Reach. Now you have power ups. The power ups work just like Modern Warfare’s Perks, except in this game they’re not unbalanced and cheap as hell. I always thought that the players moved too slow in past halos. That is gone now. You can give your spartan the ability to sprint, making for a nice way to get out of dodge. That’s a cool perk, but there are some really unique ones that I would rather not spoil for the reader.

Team Slayer, Snipers, you know all that stuff you’ve been doing for about a decade. Then there is stockpile. In stockpile each team has to collect flags scattered all around the map and bring them to their zone. The part that makes this mode really different, is that a person from the opposing team can come to your zone and take your flags out of it before you can score. One of the other new modes is Headhunter, which is a favorite among the editors here. In Headhunter every time you kill someone they drop a skull. Keep killing enemies and collect skulls. You take the skulls to zone that is constantly moving. If you have a lot of skulls stored up on your person, you better watch out. The game tells everyone how many skulls each player has. If you have a lot your person, consider yourself public enemy number 1. Reach has other great modes thrown in making the replay value go way through the roof, and into outer space. Literally.

If a wanted to be a moron, I could nitpick and find silly little stuff in the game. In the end it’s just not worth the trouble. Halo Reach is the Best Halo game of all time, The best First person Shooter of all time, and the best bang for your hard-earned buck. First time Halo players embrace the hype, and “Reach” for this Blockbuster of a game. I doubt this will be Bungie’s last Halo ever. Don’t forget that money still talks.

Halo Reach gets MF MF MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit

+Presentation, Story, Musical Score, Controls

+Multiplayer is beyond additive

What’s Perpetrating



4 thoughts on “Halo Reach Review

  1. I completely agree with you, this was the best Halo of the series. While I like the other games, Halo 3 and ODST, left me dissatisfied, almost making me lose hope in the series. After Halo 3 I almost stopped playing the series, I was never much of a multiplayer guy, so that didn’t really appeal to me, when ODST came out I waited about 3 months before playing it, and while I kind of liked the story and Gameplay, I still found it lacking. Firefight was a great addition to that game, especially since I could play alone. I wasn’t really planning on getting Reach, even after enjoying the beta this year (like I said, I’m not too much into multiplayer, but reach changed that for me).

    I preordered the game a week before launch, and after playing through the whole game on co op all night, I can truly say my faith was restored in the series. Then add to that the multiplayer and forge world. Best money I’ve spent on a game in a while.


  2. Can’t think of nothing more to add to this one. This review was legit and on point. Halo: Reach is the best Halo of all time. Sex pales in comparison to this game. Fuck love, play Reach. That’s what it is, son!


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