BlazBlue Continuum Shift Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Call the game Super Blazblue, because it doesn’t entirely feel like a full on sequel. Even though the developers see it this way, it never truly feels like it. While the gameplay mechanics have been slightly tweaked, the tactics you used from last year’s version carry through. Nothing too major has changed in that aspect. Some characters are still way too overpowered for their own good (Tager and Hakumen). Though some are beastly in strength, they all don’t look it. Every character model looks very unique, and i can’t stress that enough. Think Guilty Gear, but a tad less bizarre. Of course the visuals are stunning. You truly feel like you are interacting with an Anime instead of just playing a regular 2-D fighting game.

What I have always loved is the game’s modes. The modes are plentiful and they offer a nice variety. Legion is a different take on survival mode, wherein you have a small group of fighters and you challenge other groups. Think Team battle/RPG. I say RPG because you have to let characters rest if you’re trying to succeed. Otherwise you can expect to be KO’d with the quickness. The story mode has been continued so if you’re wondering what happened to your favorite characters after the first game, give it a whirl. Theres a whole lot of funny dialogue between Rachel and Ragna, that makes playing through Ragna’s storyline enjoyable.

The roster is still too small for me. Even though CS has more characters coming in the form of DLC, they’re going to cost you $7 dollars per character. With a rip off like that it hurts the score for me. We are always looking out for your wallets here at Play Legit, because we are aware of this recession going on. Though I complain about the limited roster on the disk, they all fight so differently from each other, it’s kind of impressive. If you were a mega fan of Blazblue, I would say go ahead and take the plunge. Casual fighting fans though, might wait for this title to get a little cheaper. Do this, so you can get the whole game that you should have gotten from the start. CS would have gotten the 4 spot, but these cheap DLC tactics knocks it right down.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift gets MF MF MF M out of five

What’s Legit?

+The pinnacle of 2-D visuals

+Nice set of modes

What’s Perpetrating?

-Roster is still too small

-$7 dollar character add-on’s

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