Plants VS Zombies Preview

Real Talk By: J.Valdez

Usually zombie plans involve guns and boarding up certain places to use as safe houses. PVZ however took the going green idea and turned it into a zombie plan that’s good for the environment.

Being one of the most popular games of 2009, with many “Game of the Year awards”, PVZ will be available on XBLA this month. For those of you who may have never heard of PVZ, it’s a tower defense game where you use plants to defend your house and your brain. Using 49 different plants to beef up your lawn security (take that ADT), you play through 50 different levels against waves upon waves of zombies. The 26 different types of zombies will also ensure that you are always challenged to find different combinations to provide the best defense, or else you lose your brain, which is bad…

I’ve played both the PC (trial) and the iPhone version, and to tell you the truth, I’m I’m still not sure whether I should get the one coming out on the XBLA. Even though they all offer the same plants and zombies, each version has a different type of game play. For example, the PC version has a mode called “Zen mode” where you just raise your plants, it can be used to raise money using the money flower, and because no zombies attack, you have nothing to worry about. On the iPhone, there is no Zen mode, they have the adventure mode, and quick play where you can replay any level in the game as well as the “boss levels”. The XBLA version seems to have some perks of its own, one big one being co-op where you can play against your buddies choosing to play either plants or zombies. That alone looks like a lot of fun.

On top of coming out for the XBLA this month, the game has been dated to come out in January of 2011 on the Nintendo DS, although I haven’t seen too many of what will be available, I know that it will be at a price of 19.95 with some exclusive content for the DS. Seems like a good price for a DS game, once we know what exclusive content and game modes it offers we’ll let you know what we think.

I’ll base my rating on the version of the game I played the most, actually one of the versions that doesn’t have as much to offer as the others. The iPhone game is good on its own, especially for the $2.99 price, even if it only has two game modes; it still offers a lot of replay value for those looking to get every achievement. The XBLA version will offer more game modes comparable to the ones available on PC and MAC, as well as multiplayer, which will be a new addition to the game, and in the trailer looks like a lot of fun. So if I would give the iPhone version 4.5 MF‘s out of 5, I’m sure that even at $20 the XBLA game would get a 5 from me.

If you wish to try out the game online you can play it here and that will sort of give you an idea on what to expect when it hits the XBLA. You can also watch the official trailer for the XBLA Version here.


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