Is It Really A Deal? Week Of 8/31/10

Real Talk By: KJ

Weekly Microsoft has a sale titled “the deal of the week”. Every single week something is discounted from its regular price. Some weeks the deals are BS, so if we don’t discuss that particular weeks deal, you know what to do. We at Play Legit are always looking out for your wallet, so with that being said we will ask the question, Is it really a deal?

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

While the Multiplayer component feels like an after thought, (You Beat people up in a tower and go from floor to floor) the Single player adventure is one of the most visually unique experiences that you will play this year. With worlds and creatures reminiscent of a Tim Burton Film, this first person brawler will surprise and intrigue you. You will not know whats going to happen next. Take away the art direction and story, at it’s heart this game is a street brawler. Final Fight Fans I’m talking to you.

It’s a Deal

Aliens vs Predator Swarm Map Pack

This map pack you can pass on for sure. Until they fix AVP’s broken gameplay mechanics and its heavy lag, don’t give this your time or money. Besides, pull up your friends list and see who’s playing it. I’ll tell you who, no one. My suggestion is watch the Predators movie, and call it a day. Take a look at Jenn’s review right here. Hopefully that will help you decide.

No Deal

Alien Breed: Episode 1

From the makers of Worms, Team 17’s other arcade game is now on sale. If you’re a Hardcore twin stick shooter fan (Smash TV, Assault Heroes, etc.) then you can add this to your collection. While the levels are kind of bland, playing with another in coop will make you forget all about it. Another thing that might go unnoticed to most, is that the game runs on the Unreal Engine. While the environments look like typical space ship corridors, the character models are pretty well detailed. At 5 bucks this game gets the nod for a run of the mill shooter. It doesn’t set trends, but it doesn’t disrespect either.

It’s a Deal

Galaga Legions

I felt that this game should have had coop. If you download the trial, I think you’ll agree. The way the gameplay is, with the sharp visuals and speedy shooting, it reminded me of RayStorm, or Raiden. The problem with that is, both of them were two player and Legions is not. Not only that, the game is kind of short. A $10 Price tag just wasn’t doing it for me. At 5 bucks, its a lot easier to swallow the games shortcomings. For a quick pick up and play shooter, you can’t go wrong with Legions at this price. If you need more content in your games though, you still might pass. I recommend playing the trial, but for me this week and this week only Galaga Legions can get my 5 dollars.

It’s a deal

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition 800 points ($10) It’s a Deal

AVP Predator Swarm Map Pack 400 points ($5) No Deal

Alien Breed: Episode 1 400 points ($5) It’s a Deal

Galaga Legions 400 points ($5) It’s a Deal

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