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Talk By: KJ

So hey guys its KJ with your first edition of review sliders. Most Members of PL are in school, so its hard to review everything all the time. Because of this, today I’m going to quickly review four games that we couldn’t cover right away. On today’s plate of sliders we review: Alpha Protocol, Prince Of Persia: TFS, Modnation Racers and Naughty Bear.  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the games existed. PL has you covered. Your empty belly is about to be full of sliders!

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: Without a doubt this is one of the sleepers of the year. With outstanding time abilities including the powers to reverse time and freeze water. When you freeze the water, you turn the water into a solid object so you can climb onto it. The other ability that made the forgotten sands fun was the power to restore structures that used to exist in the past. By doing this you could get to places that you could not have before. This game isn’t one of the longest prince of persias you’ll play, but it still has a good length. It should take about 6 to 7 hours to complete. The major issue I have is when the game is over, there is really no frills that would entice you to play the game again. They have two challenge missions, but I was able to beat them both without even retrying.

Prince of Persia: TFS gets MF MF MF MF out of five

Alpha Protocol: In a nutshell its Mass Effect meets James Bond meets poo. It’s an action RPG that allows you to make decisions that will alter the game bad or good. You play as a generic ass character named Michael Thornton. Thornton just looks like your typical hero from any video game of the mid 90’s. You can’t alter his voice or gender and the facial hair options just suck. The only thing that works well is the dialogue tree where you decide how you want to react during conversations. If you want to be a Jerk This game will make sure you are. A lot of the evil responses Thornton says to other characters had me laughing. Other than that The Controls feel very sluggish, and the graphics look exactly like a PS2/Xbox one title. If you have to play it just rent it.

Alpha Protocol gets MF MF out of five

Naughty Bear: Great idea, very poorly executed. You play naughty bear, a teddy bear that’s pissed off so he kills other bears in brutal ways. Think Punisher meets Fur Fighters and then you have the idea. The executions are fun to watch but they do repeat themselves. The online multiplayer only allows four players online and lets face it, who are going to get to play with you? The single player missions are too difficult due to the clumsy controls. Missions repeat themselves often. This is just a bad-looking game on any system you play it on. Cut scenes can be humorous and the executions can be fun to watch the first few times.  I think if this game had been a downloadable title instead of a 50 dollar one, we might have been singing a different song. 305 Studios gets extra points for trying something out of the box. Even still, this would almost be a rental but not quite. Skip it.

Naughty Bear gets MF MF M out of five

Modnation Racers: Well this racing title game came out of nowhere and it sure is great. You can make everything from your Driver, to the cars, to the tracks you race on. Modnation Racers has a lag free online experience that is a good time. Checking out the racers that people made can be fun. I instantly downloaded Deadpool and Batman. As long as this games community stays strong, the possibilities for this title will continue to be endless. My hat is off to you inventive people, there are some really stylish tracks and racers available. My only complaint is that the single player can get very hard. They want you to do too many things with your vehicle during the race, and still expect you to come in first. In closing, I recommend this game to the Mario Kart player, The innovator, and the kid in you to pick this up.

Modnation Racers gets MF MF MF MF M out of five

2 thoughts on “Reviews On The Slide

  1. That’s right Steven…. boom,an explotion of reviews all rolled into one.I might give the prince of percia a rental but i don’t know about the rest of em.I didn’t enjoy the mod nation beta too much and alpha protocol will do nothing for me after playing mass effect.


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