Music You Can LIMBO To

This article is a “what if” article. Although Limbo has no musical soundtrack at all, the game utilizes it’s sound effects in superior fashion to keep the tempo going. With this in mind, the editors of Play Legit got together and asked “what if” it did? What would we hear? How would it sound? Here are some songs we felt would go great with the games steady/eerie pacing.

Gorillaz – Spitting out the demons: This song is dedicated to those nice cozy parts of the game when something big and round is chasing you down, and your running for your life. Good times.

Runaway – Yeah Yeah Yeahs: The background music along with the lyrics “run, run runaway” and “lost my mind” seem to really fit the mood of the game.

Streets on Fire – Lupe Fiasco: This song covers a lot actions. Lupe mentions how danger is near, fitting perfectly with this game. It’s at every corner.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails: Just play the game and you’ll know what I mean. “I hurt myself today.”

Whats Songs do you think would go with Limbo? Feel Free to post your link or suggestions at the bottom.

3 thoughts on “Music You Can LIMBO To

  1. the lupe track goes pretty good wit it , also i think another track might good wit it from the cool album 4 got the name of it tho , cool is the hottest cd lupe did , stay legit fellaz


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