Sticking It To Gamestop

Kimulus: Hey gaming fans, this is Kim with a thought about trading in games. I was recently at a Game Stop with my buddy a couple days ago and he wanted to trade in his Xbox 360 Hard drive and a couple of games. Game Stop gave him a total of five dollars. I mean really?! I am sure that every gamer has tried trading in games before and I just know deep down inside of their hearts they know that they are getting ripped off. I mean come on, gamers pay 60 dollars plus tax for a brand new game and then when you trade it in the value goes down by more than 2/3’s. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

I mean 1/3 is pretty reasonable to me, because it’s like you just rented a game rather than have bought it. Now they have this “Power up” rewards card to lure in the unsuspecting customers. Personally, I don’t trade in a lot of games, but today since I was getting some shopping done, I was looking for very cheap games in under the 15 dollar range.  I found two and bought them. They offered me a rewards card so I took it and said why not? 12 months free subscription to a magazine for 15 dollars and some point system and discounts they have for members. I looked at the points prizes at the Game Stop site and I have to say…the points are not worth it at all.

A fantastic deal

50,000 points for an Xbox controller…. “That ain’t right!” I believe you get 10 points per dollar. So let’s do the math really quick.  I spend 10 dollars that’s a hundred points. I spend 100 dollars that’s 1,000 points, spend a thousand, that’s 10,000 points. Spend five thousand and you got yourself a “Brand New Controller” WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!. So Game Stop takes all your money and gives you a dinky controller (if you choose that reward.)

So you ask… How do I defeat Game Stop in its own game? Simple, Start selling your games yourself. That’s right, start selling it as a means through your friends, co-workers, or family. I personally use Ebay. I am telling you guys I have profited more by selling the games myself rather than trading it in.  I mean seriously? You give them two latest titles for a brand new games with some cash.  So it equates to 20 dollars per game while you can be making double the amount on Ebay. Sure, it’s a hassle shipping items to the buyer, but it’s a well worthwhile process.  It will end up saving you a lot of cash in the process. Remember, your trash maybe someone else’s treasure. Until next time gamers, save yourself some dough and stick it to the MAN till they give us the fair prices that we deserve. Kimulus out.

Gamestop Employee: “were gonna give you $13.60 in trade for all of this”

KJ: Kimulus is right on the money with everything he said. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I’m also looking out for your wallets. With this in mind I want to inform you about Glyde. This is probably one of the best used games sites around. I’ve seen the newest merchandise already discounted 20 dollars off. Right now you can get Modnation Racers at about 40 bucks or Yakusa 3 at 30. To the people who don’t want to trade in their games but still want the new hotness, Go with Glyde.

If you just want to lighten your load trust me Kim knows what he’s saying. I know just getting in the car and running to the store is a lot easier than the strategy were advising, but if you put in that extra effort, the pay-off is second to none. why trade in 4 or 5 games to get one when you could just sell 1 or 2 and be done with it. Ebay really does work. I would recommend selling through Craig’s list but you could possibly get shanked.

The last option we recommend is using Switch Games. At Switch, you can just trade a game with somebody without the extra strings attached, you know the kind of strings where you have to trade 4 games just to get what you wanted. You could trade NCAA 11 with somebody for their copy of  Tiger Woods 11. People with patience will benefit big from this. The Money that users have saved on this site has jumped to over $500,000 dollars.

At Play Legit we are always looking out for you and your wallet because were just like you. Working a 9 to 5 and scraping change together to play something of quality. We understand that not everyone can just throw money everywhere so we highly recommend trying these legit tips. Remember there is always a way to stick to the man, and most certainly a way to stick it to GameStop.

10 thoughts on “Sticking It To Gamestop

  1. You should take a look at’s trade in service. Their prices are usually higher then Gamestop and you ship your games to them free of charge. Also. The discount card for Gamestop might be worth it if you’re someone who trades in a lot of games or buys a lot of used games. An extra 10% on trade ins or an extra 10% off can go a long way. And what size was the hard drive? I got $12 dollars a few months ago for my 20gb. Also, this is a pretty good site to keep up with trade-in values Trading in games with Gamestop is all about timing. Most the time it’s not so great. But if you wait and do it when they have specials and combine the discounts. Sometimes you can get up to an extra %40. Gamestop is useful when they have deals such as $40 extra dollars with 6 trade ins or an extra $20 with 3 because it’s quick and easy. But if you’re willing to put a bit more effort in ebay probably would be the best choice. But check out Amazon. You can get a decent value for recent games and sometimes they have specials where certain games give you extra value. You can print out a packing slip to mail them the games and they credit you as soon as they get them.


  2. I never tried SwitchGames but I highly recommend TRADING your games. I use a few other trading sites you all might like:

    These two are completely free:

    This site charges $1 per trade, but has a unique point trading system:


  3. i only use gamestop cuz i dont have a lot of moeny and i want a whole bunch of games for my xbox 360. but i do have to agree gamestop does suck. i once traded in beast machines: transformer for $2 and i paid $45 on amazon. i must have been drunk cuz i bought of them. and at the time was trading it in for halo 3 so i didnt care. but now i feel like a dip shit. so gamestop is a rip off and i wouldnt buy from there if i had a choice


  4. The way i look at it the value i get for my trade ins at gamestop is less than what i get for selling it myself because they are there to make money. pawn shops are the same way. they look to double there money and honestly im okay with that, once im done with a game mostly there is no point in keeping it so i trade it in, buy something else and continue to do my part by stimulating the economy


  5. Have you guys ever heard of Goozex?

    It is a game trading service that isn’t greedy. They make $1 off of every trade, that’s it! Your games are valued on a point system that is equivalent to what your game would sell for on the used market. Once your game trades and you have points, you can take those points and use them to get the game you want… on any system. That’s another cool thing, you can trade in all your games from different systems and get new ones on any system. It’s an awesome service that has saved me tons

    I’ll post my referral link, please use it if you want to try it out, gives me a trade token if you do. Thx…


  6. go on kijiji it is like ebay but you email the person selling something and you meet up in person. and it is seprated by city or reagon. i’m not like getting payed for saying this but i traded my nintendo dsi and psp for a nintendo wii.

    i also traded the original DS and an air hockey table for a laptop.
    $100 for a 16gb ipod touch
    $120 for another ipod touch
    COD:4 for ps3 $20 is ebay but is what i’m talking about


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