Is It Really A Deal? Week of 7/4/10

Real Talk By: KJ

Every week Microsoft has a sale titled “the deal of the week”. Every single week something is discounted from its regular price. We at Play Legit are always looking out for your wallet, so with that being said we will pose the question every week:  Is it really a deal?

Mega Man 10 – If you want a throwback style game that packs a challenge from beginning to end you don’t need to look any further. You can check out the review we did a few months back right here This game was a great price at 10 dollars and now its a steal. Mega Man 10 is easily a deal for those who are up to its difficulty. Its a deal

After Burner Climax- My major complaint for After Burner was it’s length. While it provides solid arcade fun it was far to brief of a game to recommend at its inital asking price. However now that its at 5 dollars the asking amount is easier to swallow. If you like brief bursts of fast paced action and you have the money to blow It’s a deal, but only at this price.

Scrap Metal- Yeah, you can go ahead and pass on this. The game controls horribly, looks bad and it was insanely overpriced at the time. Vigilante 8 is a better game if your looking for a car combat title. With a lowered price From 15 dollars to ten, its still too much. The real question is would you buy crap if it was discounted? Not A deal.

Death By Cube- Is game is a very bizarre shooting game that I really didn’t like too much. It does provide that challenge,but it just seems to simplistic to recommend. Everything in this game is bland. From the presentation to the level design nothing is appealing. forget about the multiplayer, no one is online at all. Cube feels like it should just be a indie game. A disappointing title for sure when you realize its published by Square Enix. Not A Deal.

Mega Man 10-400 points ($5) Deal

After Burner Climax- 400 points ($5) Deal

Scrap Metal- 800 points ($10) No Deal

Death By Cube- 400 points ($5) No Deal

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