Which Company Took E3?

So as the Electronic Entertainment Expo comes to a close, the editors at Play Legit have their own thoughts about this years event. Which Company Showed their Dominance at this years Expo? Who will get the coveted best in show award?

KJ: So I knew what to expect from Sony and Microsoft, they would be trying hard to sell you their motion devices. The main problem with this is their core audience was kicked to the curb. This was the most evident when watching Microsoft’s conference. 90 percent of the Kinect games they revealed we’ve been playing on the Wii. While both are copying Nintendo hard, at least Sony has games that can cater to its true audience. Games such as The Fight: Lights Out and Socom 4, Plus Move support for titles that are already in stores. I think a Movie game like Heavy Rain is really going to benefit from this.

Nintendo put on a straight clinic. They were able to keep the conference entertaining and constantly show games of interest. Donkey Kong Country is back. At first I was disappointed that Rare wouldn’t be able to design it, but then I forgot they’re too busy designing Avatar underwear to make games anymore. With that being said Retro Studios is behind the DKC revival and if Metroid Prime was any proof, Retro knows exactly what they’re doing.

Welcome Back DK

Also The big N unveiled their newest handheld The Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is going to change the way we play games forever. Guaranteed. I was shocked by the level of quality games that will be arriving around the systems release. Resident Evil, Freaking Snake Eater in 3D, and Super Street Fighter 4. Picture A Hadoken coming at your face in 3D, or Hakan’s oil…….Uh, maybe not.

While Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences were just decent to me, I think EA did great. MMA looks Fantastic, and Medal of Honor seems incredibly polished. Think Battlefield meets Call of Duty. I will see you on the Beta shortly. Dead Space 2 speaks for itself, and Bulletstorm is going to bring the pain. The way you link moves together to inflict more damage on your enemies reminded me of Madworld.

To Wrap up my thoughts, Sony and Microsoft did just enough to escape Mediocrity, and Ea showed off some polished IP’s, but My choice to take it all is Nintendo. The 3DS Hardware is just too groundbreaking to ignore.

They are too.

Jenn: This year’s E3 was amazing without a doubt and below i’m going to give my impressions of each press conference.

Sony Playstation: This year they showed gameplay of Killzone 3 and Twisted Metal X. Nothing has caught my eye that’s exclusive. This year has been taken over by motion controller’s and in microsoft’s case no controller at all. I’m not impressed with the playstation move it’s a novel idea, and seems to cater more towards core gamer’s but it just feel’s like i’ve seen this somewhere before. They’re going to start making games for 3D, but i’m not at all impressed with the idea. Spending over $5,000 for a 3D tv not including  150 dollar’s  a piece for glasses, just to be able to see the 3D doesnt exactly sound ideal.

Microsoft: Gear’s 3 gameplay was shown and 4 player co-op is going to be great fun with your friends. Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood is also going to be 4 player co-op and also there’s going to be versus modes. XBOX Kinect was announced and gameplay was  shown at their conference, Im not going to buy it, but yes it’s a neat idea having no controller.

He cant wait to Move it-Move it.

Nintendo Press conference: this year’s E3 without question belongs to The gamers. The content and everything shown I cannot wait to play. The new Zelda game looks amazing as does  Epic Mickey. That game looks so innovative and fun I wish it was out now. I’m most excited about the Nintendo 3DS as well. I heard about it a few week’s ago, wasn’t instantly blown away by the idea of a handheld 3D game system and was very weary of how nintendo was going to pull it off. I shouldn’t have doubted nintendo for a moment, everything about it looks insanely fun and different which is what gaming needs. There has been many developer’s that are so excited about developing games for the 3DS they are making games as we speak. Announced at the press conference was Professor Layton for the 3DS, Mario Kart and they are remaking one of the greatest games ever : Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Also a little game called Goldeneye is retuning. Not much has to be said, this is a game that will be insanely fun especially with a group of people.

In my opinion Nintendo won this year’s E3 and had the most to offer for casual and core gamer’s alike.

Sorry Conduit, Were rolling with James this Holiday Season.

D. Harris: You’re going to hear a lot of arguments about who had the best press conferences this year. But that argument is pointless. In my opinion, the real winner of E3 this year is the gamer. No matter what system you own, or plan to purchase, the future seems bright. While each respective press conference may of had it’s hiccups, each one was filled with promise.

Despite Miyamoto’s poor demonstration of the latest Zelda title (most likely due to technical difficulties), I’m sure the title will live up to its name. With its vivid art style and innovative controls, which take full use of the Wii Motion Plus, there is no doubt that Zelda: Skyward Sword, like every other Zelda game, is going to be an adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss. With other titles like Kirby: Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey, Metroid: Other M, Goldeneye and Donkey Kong Country Returns combined with the announcement of the 3DS, it’s a guarantee that plenty of fun is still to be had from Nintendo’s offerings.

I should probably take the time to compare Microsoft’s Kinect and the Playstation Move, with the Move seemingly catering to the hardcore crowd and the Kinect the casual crowd. For some reason that I never understood, hardcore gamers have a tendency to bash casual gamers and casual games, but there’s plenty of fun to be had from casual games. And as gamers, fun should come first. With the new technologies presented by Microsoft and Sony, it seems kinda silly to argue which one is better. If you prefer one system over the other then you’re more likely to stick with whatever works for your system. As for those who own both, or who have yet to purchase either, I say you take a wait and see approach. Both the Move and the Kinect are likely to come out with their fair share of games for everyone. There’s no need to jump to the Kinect and Move right away if your on the fence. With games like Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 coming to the Xbox 360, Killzone 3 and Little Big Planet 2 coming to the PS3 and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and many other games coming to both consoles, there’s no reason to rush. And when the time comes, I’m sure the Move and the Kinect will both offer experiences that their respective users will enjoy. So because of this i’m split between Nintendo and Microsoft as this years winner.

Kinectimals, It’s Just Like Nintendogs except…..No, wait that’s exactly what it is.

Kimulus: Hello everyone, it’s that time again for the video gaming industry to showcase what is to come in the near future.  This year’s E3 looked like it focused more on the hardware rather than the software that we are usually used to.  First of all, I must discuss MS kinect, since I own a 360.  Now it looks very innovative and all the games that they displayed looked great.  The problem is, what about the people who have no space?  For me, I have my TV and Xbox hooked up in front of my bed, so I have place to jump around.  I was also concerned that this might turn into Playstation’s Eyetoy, which boasted the same things… but failed ultimately.  Another hardware that I really wanted to see for myself is Nintendo 3DS.  They say to get the 3D effect of games you have to see it for yourself and they can’t capture it on camera.

“Damn, I just bought an XL. FML”

All the games that were announced for 3DS are pretty epic.  Now I am beginning to wonder, if the 3DS is the new virtual boy.  This is not the first time Nintendo has taken us to the virtual gaming stage. Games wise, the line up of this year did not really impress me.  All I am looking forward to is Marvel vs Capcom 3, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I have to wonder, if the developers are going to come up with something new and innovative for us, or just keep expanding franchises. Nintendo, since KJ is making me choose.

Ryan Reynolds is in everything these days.

Vex: Wii K’not move! well at least I can’t after watching all the E3 conferences. Hardcore is out the door while they give casual love galore. Sad day in gaming I thought to myself as I watched the same thing happen to gaming that happened to Hip Hop. Substance getting put in the back-burner to child’s play. All disappointment aside, let’s breakdown the good the bad and the ugly. The good: #1 Most of the trailers for games were followed by gameplay demos, something I feel should be the standard at E3.

#2 Exclusive console content was announced for various games by different developers. This shows me they are still willing to spend money to make you feel like you are getting something extra for choosing their console.

#3 Show games instead of percentage charts and blab on about numbers. Not all the conferences did this but for the ones that did, Thank you.
Talk is cheap no matter what kind of business you are in. When it comes to video games at E3, it is not time to $hit chat.
The bad:  Everybody had a Wii too mentality and decided to make a casual fitness game and I mean everybody. I’am Tired of being shown music montages to fill time because there wasn’t much else to show. We cannot stand liars. Getting on stage and making false statements as if we are new and don’t know what’s going on just to make your company look better.
EA had Dead space, Need for speed Hot pursuit and Bulletstorm. Other than that, Same old Madden, and casual game shovel-ware. Also too many close ups of a man’s hands wearing black nail polish during The Medal of honor demo.
Ubisoft had an excellent host, Ghost Recon, and Assassins Creed. Again too much casual shovelware, stupid real life lazer Tag game, and where in the world is the new Rainbow Six?
Ps3 owners will be invited to the exclusive multiplayer Beta For Assassins Creed 3 coming soon. Xbox owners get lazer Tag and a violin.

Sony’s brought Killzone 3, God of war Ghost of Sparta and portal, but it Spent too much time hating on the other two consoles it copied. They up’d stats about it’s online attach rate and filled timed with stupid music montages. Were was last guardian?
Microsoft was a little better, but not much. They did show Halo Reach, Gears of war 3 and ESPN for XBL. On the flip side though, I cannot believe they didn’t have a price for Kinect at the conference, and there weren’t enough first party hardcore games. Where was the Hulu announcement?
Nintendo’s press conference was stellar. 3DS, Zelda and Goldeneye. Really In my opinion, people are not considering Nintendo has all ready-made their money on the casual but still showed a lot of love to the hardcore. They could have easily just continued on the road they were on last year, but instead displayed an impressive line up for not just the Wii but for their hand-held as well.
This years E3 marks what I would call the beginning of the underground era. Why? because everybody and their momma is probably going to be gaming in the next few years. Along with the greater number of people buying games the quality of a mass number of games is sure to dwindle, leaving us true lovers of this hobby with few companies out there willing to make the type of games we would consider gems. I found that even thought the conferences themselves focused on casuals, I was still able to dig out videos on the net of some truly good hardcore games. What was once shown without having to go look, is now the underground of the mainstream motion movement. It’s sad that as the more gaming has grown, the less love i’m being shown by the same industry we’ve supported for years just for the love of money.  P.S.Video game demo quote of E3 goes to Bulletstorm “Oh great, where did this giant d— come from?”
“You Just got Kicked in yo chest!!”
  • This is The overall ratings TLR gives each of the E3 shows:
  • Sony gets MF MF MF M out of five
  • Microsoft gets MF MF MF M out of five
  • Nintendo gets MF MF MF MF MF out of five
  • EA gets MF MF MF
  • Ubisoft gets MF M out of five
  • Your Winner is: Nintendo

9 thoughts on “Which Company Took E3?

    1. Not only do you guys suck at arguments, you also suck at references. D. Harris clearly mentioned he thought MS won along with Nintendo. That is more than surely what rdf was talking about… it’s obvious that you not having a clue isn’t a surprise to anyone, and yes this is a pathetic little site.

      Microsoft had the worst conference in the history of the show, yet you guys rated it above average, while Sony annihilated Microsoft and was clearly ahead of them. You can argue Nintendo won, but really… did Mario 145 and Zelda 54 really interest you that much?

      You can argue that Nintendo beat Sony, but there is just no argument for how Microsoft could have been anything else but dead last. Their show was pathetic all around, and their PS2 EyeToy copycat fell on it’s face, and wasn’t even good enough when pre-recorded. They had no hardcore games for it, and Halo Reach proved to be nothing more than Halo 2…. AGAIN. And Gears took a facedive at Gears 2, and this looks like the same thing once again. I’d mention some other games from Microsoft, but they just didn’t have anything else. Fable? Yeah…. no.

      The hardcore games were clearly on Sony’s side. Heck, just going by games they DIDN’T show, they would have a better lineup than Microsoft… that’s telling. Nintendo like usual captured the casual soccer mom and immature crowd. It’s funny Wiitards argue that graphics don’t matter, that the story matters… yet they play all the rehash Mario’s with the same exact stories, and the rehashed Zelda’s with the same exact stories. The truth is that Wiitards like simplicity, because they just are not good enough at todays modern games. Microsoft showed that they failed with the casual market, and they had nothing at all for the hardcore market… how that is on par with Sony in your mind…. well again, you are a pathetic little nothing website.

      And before you ask… no I will not work for your website.


    2. @ppSucks Don’t kid yourself. Nintendo clearly won. The reason Nintendo fans are Nintendo fans is not for simplicity. Its actually the opposite. I’ll admit I got a bit tired of Nintendo last year, so I bought a PS3. But after awhile, all the “modern” and “hardcore” games become one big mass of ugly brown generic shooters. Now there are a few exceptions, like Uncharted 2, but in the end, you can’t beat that Nintendo magic.


    3. @ ppSucks

      First off. It’s called an opinion. There’s no point to get so bent out of shape over someone else’s opinion. Seems like signs of blatant fanboyism. Despite the fact that I read your entire rant, I still feel that Nintendo and Microsoft both had a better showing than Sony. To me it felt as if Sony focused to much on the hardcore crowd. Their presentation was very one dimensional. It’s as if they said to themselves “Lets take what Nintendo did and cater to the hardcore crowd”. Which is fine, and I saw a lot I liked and that is sure to be enjoyable. It just didn’t get me that excited. I felt Nintendo and Microsoft had something for everyone, something that could excite both the casual and hardcore crowd. As much as I like hardcore games, sometimes its good to take a break from those games and enjoy something else. Microsoft and Nintendo presented a variety of experiences, and it seemed that Sony was more focused on one. Others may see this differently, cause after all, that is just my opinion.

      As for Microsoft being a clear cut loser, to me they managed to pull of one of the most important things, showing their technology worked, showing it could be fun, and showing potential for the future. You may call the Kinect an EyeToy copycat, but cleary it’s much more. The EyeToy on the PS2 can’t even begin to match the technology present in the Kinect, which features voice recognition and full body motion tracking.

      Oh, and did you even bother to watch the Nintendo press conference? “Mario 145”? The closed thing they showed to an actual Mario game was Mario Sports Mix. And Nintendo had many interesting things to show, most of which was the Nintendo 3DS. But you’ve seemed to ignore that in you argument.

      Halo Reach looks like Halo 2. Were you watching the same gameplay footage I was. How is that any different then someone saying Gran Turismo 5 looks like Gran Turismo 3, or Super Mario Galaxy looks like Super Mario 64. Is that really an argument you’re trying to make?

      You make an argument of the games that Sony didn’t show. It’s hard to form an opinion about something that you haven’t seen. As for the games they did show, many of them were multiplatform, such as Portal 2, Dead Space 2, Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood and Medal of Honor amongs others. That’s not to say that Sony doesn’t have good first party offerings, but there’s nothing there to say that their line up will be definetivily better than any one elses.

      Also you bash simplicity, since when is more complex always better? Why is simple fun any less significant than the fun you have playing hardcore titles. Is it not okay for others to have fun with something unless they do it your way?

      You comment shows just how much of a closed-minded and brain dead person you are, instead of taking the time to present your opinion in a well thought out manner, you spend most of you time attacking and bashing people. It’s the equivalent of a 5 year-old stating that some “sucks” simply because they themselves do not like it. And I wish you would reconsider working for our website, because every village needs its idiot.

      Thank you for making me stoop to you level. Your comment is appreciated. I hope you visit our site in the future.


  1. Evidently, one should read the before site before expressing a opinon. – I did and it was honest, down to earth, and had great insight. I enjoy the first review and totally agree with all the reviewers. Keep up the awesome job your’re doing.


  2. Wow. You really think it costs $5000 for a 3-D tv? You really need to stay more informed before writing an opinion piece. Otherwise, you just make yourself look stupid and lose all credibility.

    3-D adds nothing to the price of a television now. It’s coming standard on almost all new sets. Here is a brand new Mitsubishi 65′ 3-D HDTV for $1300



  3. @ppsucks C’mon man,just because we didn’t say sony won,wich they cleary did not,doesn’t mean they didn’t have games.It was the presentation of the confrence that lacked in comparison to the others.


    1. Common dude, Sony had a far better conference than Microsoft, yet Nintendo was better. Sony didn’t only show hardcore games, if you watched the presentation and the montages, you would see that it had games for everyone. That the playstation move can be used if you are a casual gamer and a hardcore gamer. Microsoft desperatly tryed to save their asses with the “Here you go a free console love us <3" technique.


      1. The montages contained miltiplats and an assortment of games not even coming out this year.I agree move has support for hardcore,but that does not equate to a better confrence.It has to do with pacing and overall content.When you remove the multiplats and time killing montages from the equation,you will be left with a different view of sony.Oh and by the way I wasn’t aware the new xbox was free,let me run out and get that now lmfao….


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