Earthworm Jim HD Review

Real Talk By: KJ

One of my personal childhood favorites returns in EarthWorm Jim HD. I’m not going to lie to the people, I had the Action Figure, I watched the TV show and everything. Don’t act like you didn’t! A few months back SEGA conducted a survey asking their fans which classic game they would like back on the arcade. with over 80% percent of the votes it was clear what the fans wanted. SEGA was not able to bring it to us due to licensing issues, but Gameloft has.

The Game looks like it just came out. the visuals have been enhanced and optimized for HD gaming. All of the sights and sounds you remember are here, but it’s amazing to see how they’ve given Earthworm such an upgrade. Not only are you getting the classic title, you get free avatar clothing, 3 new stages, and 4 player coop missions. The Bonus stages capture the feel of the old games well, and can be a bit of a challenge. All these little add-ons really justifies it $10 price point. By the way your avatar will look huge with the body suit you unlock. It makes your buddies avatars look like little kids.

The Four player mode reminds me of N+ or Splosion’ Man. Actually Splosion man does carry a few comedic traits from Jim. Everyone has to play they’re role or you won’t succeed. For example one person pulls down a lever so others can get through a massive door. The multiplayer ran with little to no lag, and its also compatible with local play. Getting four of your friends around the couch to remember the golden days of gaming is where it’s at.

The Only main detractor about this game, is the same thing that it was in the past. It’s pretty damn hard. The Underwater level Can be unforgiving, and lets not mention the Hell stage. Thankfully Gameloft has included easier level of difficulties for wimps, so it makes the game more accessible. I encourage you to take a trip down memory lane, and appreciate this reality that puts almost 80 percent of the XBL catalogue to shame. Yes, the 90’s still own in a major way. “Groovy!”

Earthworm Jim HD gets  MF MF MF MF M out of five

Whats Legit

+Nice Visual Upgrades

+4 Player Coop

Whats Perpetrating

-Still pretty hard for some


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