TLR Friday Night Wrestling 6/11/10

Real Talk By: KJ

Whats up guys! Kimulus is busy throwing grenades in basic training right now, so i’m here to fill in for him. WWE’s Raw was terrible, except the last 20 minutes of the show. Led by Wade Barrett, the former rookies from NXT  attacked Cena for a good 10 minutes Straight. The angle worked well, and it was reminiscent of a storyline from the attitude era.

Though the viewers choice segment could have been something unique, it just turned out to be silly. Most of the choices people picked were ridiculous. You were supposed to go online and vote on the stipulations for matches sounds great? right? You voted for Santino vs Vladimir in a dance-off? really? I’m hoping that this was mostly little kids doing the voting, then maybe I could understand it.

On Smackdown! Kane found The Undertaker in a “vegetative state” (in the real world we call that dead) they hosted a funeral for him, and Kane has vowed to find the man responsible. The part I like the most about this storyline is that he’s looking for whoever took out Taker on both shows. No one is safe. With both of these plotlines, it plants seeds for the things to come. Unfortunately that night, wrestling wise nothing really went down.

Overall WWE RAW gets MF MF M out of five

+Excellent Storyline with the NXT Rookies, and the Kane Storyline shows promise.

-Matches were either to short, or booked poorly due to the little kid votes.

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