Alan Wake Review

Real Talk By: Vex

This night was like any other night I’ve bought a videogame, or so I thought. Upon commencing my usual routine I felt no change. That was until, (fu@$ oh no..ah)…..Before I knew it, this game had consumed me like obese meets dollar night at Mc’ds. So began my review of Alan Wake. One would think that  this game was being overhyped by the push it received, but I beg to differ. This game offers an impressive production quality from gameplay to graphics. The story itself is the typical self narrating cliché most B movie thrillers posses, but it lends itself well to the gaming genre.

The pacing of this game is on point as well and may I suggest playing an episode a night. Speaking of episodes, though this game is made up of six 2 to 3 hour long chapters, times may vary depending on how much of an achievement junkie you are. There are various awards available for finding pages from a manuscript, listening to radio shows, tuning into TV broadcasts and finding hidden chests. I found that most of the time these pages would be found easily on the linear path of the game without having to veer off course. I waited till my second play-thru to really look for those additional pages in fear of affecting the pace of the game.  I’m glad I did because it did have a monstrous effect.


Overall Remedy did an excellent job in creating more of a spooky ambiance as opposed to one that will have you soaking your undies in urinade. They accomplished this by having graphics that can compete with any other triple A title out now, and gameplay that feels familiar in the sense that it somewhat controls like Max Payne.

The mechanics are simple, shine the flashlight on enemy’s and shoot, or you can just run from them like you stole something.
Speaking of stealing something…..did someone steal the end to this game? This is my only gripe with Alan Wake. Its seems to me that the true ending is being reserved for the upcoming DLC. So what does that mean for people who aren’t connected to xbox live? It means Remedy wants you to look at your hand, fold four fingers except the middle one and have a merry ol’ day.

MF MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit?

+ If gaming is escapism, them Alan wake is the ticket.

What’s Perpetrating?

– The ending is very weak.

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