Dead Rising 2 Hands on

Real Talk By: KJ

In the preview build we played at the ASBP, we took control of the games main antagonist Chuck Greene. They dropped us off in a Vegas style strip (Fortune City) and let us have at it. The thing I noticed instantly was that the controls have been tweaked. Dr1’s Sluggish controls was one of my complaints. The Melee attacks feel a lot more fluid  and the simple task of moving the character around is done more smoothly. Blue Castle games is to thank for this. I was informed by the Capcom rep that B.C. designed the game engine from the ground up. You really appreciate what they have accomplished when you put your hands on it. Literary 100’s and 100’s of zombies are everywhere, but the graphics remain gorgeous and slowdown is non-existant.

When I asked about the save feature (which really pissed me off back in the day) being fixed, Capcom told me that they are doing something brand new with it, but cannot announce anything just yet.

The weapons are all awesome. In the demo, they put me in a room with tools scattered everywhere. So basically you would grab an item of your choice and set it on a table. Naturally The chainsaw caught my eye. After that I grabbed an oar, set it on the table as well, then the magic began. A little cut scene showed Greene assembling his device of destruction.

After killing 50 zombies with my hand crafted tool, Time expired on the demo. Or so I thought. For the final minutes of the demo, I was on a motocross bike with chainsaws attached to each side of it. You could say it felt like a modern day Ben-Hur. The zombie horde was safe from me no longer. Crimson painted the streets as I drove through every Undead bastard that was visible.

With this much Mayhem happening from just a demo, I can only imagine doing this with a buddy online. We really cannot wait until Dead Rising 2’s Scheduled August 21, 2010 release date. Until then, Left 4 dead anyone?

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