Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing Review

Real Talk By: Jenn

The passing has been released for XBOX 360, PC and soon Valve’s going to release Steam for Mac. The Passing DLC is made up of 3 chapter’s. The DLC is set in the city with you and 3 survivor’s trying to make your way to a carnival. Also included in the add-on is a new game mode called mutation’s, which is A great addition to the game and add’s infinite re-playability. Each week a new game mode is introduced, and after the week is over they ask the community if the game mode should be permanently added. If the people approve, the mode it is added to the game permanently.

During the campaign you encounter the original group of survivors from the first left 4 dead. In my honest opinion valve copped out in the fact that they didn’t offer any explanation or a cutscene to explain what happened to the Original survivors.

I know that the DLC coming for the first left 4 dead will probably explain that, but it still would have been nice to know something. Due to this we feel valve failed to capitalize on what could have been a very strong and powerful moment in the franchise’s history.

This was the whole marketing push behind the content, the grand reunion. When you finally meet up with them its handled so poorly you wonder why they had them in the level the first place. Still this not enough to hamper the sheer amount of  fun this game will give you. Even though PC owners get this for free, its still worth the points and will last you for months. With the new innovative Mutation mode, and well made stages to run from the undead in, this gets The Passing a pass for a solid


4 of five

+This DLC adds extra playability to a great Singleplayer and Multiplayer experience.
+Awesome level design great fun with friends.

-This DLC was centered around the meeting of the other survivors and yet they failed to deliver, felt like an afterthought.

For those of you that have not seen the Left 4 dead 2 Review

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