Final Hands on: Super Street Fighter 4

Real Talk By: KJ

Super Street fighter 4 will be Tommorow  and we have your last look at it. PL has played all of the new fighters that this SSF4 provides, and we are happy to report that they all fit great into the series. DeeJay has kept all of his great moves and plays great, while T Hawk feels more balanced this time around. Juri has a unique feel to her with her ability to hold down her attacks and choose when to launch them. 

This is guaranteed to add more strategy to the game. Speaking of strategy the other newcomer Hakan, with his bizarre power to rub oil on himself to give him more speed and strength can really mess with your opponents. Also the Alpha 3 characters fit right in as well.The five new Stages are very well made, and all have their own unique vibes. Be on the look out for the full review soon. See you online April 27th.


Drop Knowledge

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