Five Games That Capcom Needs to Revive

Real Talk By: KJ

With the Exciting announcement of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3,  It got us thinking What other titles from Capcom should make a comeback?

5. Viewtiful Joe

There is a reason why Joe had 4 games and his own Tv series. The man has skills. Viewtiful Joe helped bring back the 2.5D platformers that are so prominent in todays titles. With his ability to slow and speed up gameplay, and unique cell shaded design, Joe could come to the modern line up of consoles and really provide a unique experience.

4. Strider

You’re a Ninja, in a world that has been taken over by an evil dictator. Very Simple, but very fun. A PSN, or XBL update could be really cool for this. Capcom could also make the game completely 3-d a la Ninja Gaiden.

3. Shadow of Rome

The Level of brutality this game provided could be truly great in Next gen glory. Shadow of Rome was ahead of its time, in fact the graphics still hold up incredibly well. If you take away the average stealth missions, and kept all of the action scenes, Capcom could hit another home run. With the current success of 300 and Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a part two of this feels like a no-brainer.

2. Power Stone

Collect all the power stones, and turn into a powerful being. A third title could be insane, especially with online play. The Power Stone Series is still considered to be one of the greatest franchises the Dreamcast had in its arsenal. If Capcom never follows this up, at least you can break out your DC or get the Power Stone Collection on the PSP.

1. Onimusha

This series must continue. Every single entry was golden. From the Cast of Characters to the Weapons you Wielded everything just felt right. as the years go by it only makes us want onimusha 5 that  much more. If you have any doubts, watch the trailer at the bottom.

Any Capcom titles you really miss? Feel free to shoot us a comment.

5 thoughts on “Five Games That Capcom Needs to Revive

  1. I remember playing old Strider game from Capcom Classic Collection Remixed game from the PSP. It was hard and I died multiple times. I heard that this reboot game for PSN and XBL was good, but it was short.

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