Friday Night Wrestling 3/12/10

Real Talk By: Kimulus

Finally, after nearly a decade… The Monday Night wars are back…and what better way to look at this war then with pl. 100% Certified. I am Kimulus, one of your pro wrestling writers for this site. Thanks to KJ, we decided to write our reviews weekly about who took the weekly winner spot. I have been watching Pro wrestling for about 11 years now. I have never stopped watching wrestling so you can definitely depend on me and KJ for your unbiased, reviews that you guys can always count on in this site. Anyways… lets get it!


WWE RAW: As this date came forward, I am pretty sure that WWE knew that TNA were going head to head against TNA. WWE started off with an Undertaker and HBK segment okay very decent promo… though I find it lacking in action. As for the guest host of RAW… Chris Angel.. was a very bad choice for a guest host of RAW… he was very bland… did not bring anything new to the show. C’mon, if I wanted to see a magic trick I would’ve looked it up on Youtube, nobody wants to see that crap.The divas match was… nothing special either… then again nobody in WWE’s women’s division is special. After that the Unified tag team champions of Show Miz went against John Morrison and R-Truth briefly… though it was a squash match apparently… another waste of time in my opinion. After that it was Legacy vs. Orton… now I don’t know where they are going with legacy after Wrestlemania… neither Orton for that matter. I am just very disappointed to see that their storyline isn’t in depth like they used to be in the good old attitude era. It’s obvious now Orton has turned face, but we will see how long that lasts. After wards Sheamus challenges Triple H to a match at mania. Again another sudden rivalry that has only been developed in a matter of weeks… where are the deep rivalries that we used to love in WWE? Next we see Evan Bourne go against William Regal… wow can you say predictable? Yeah like we will really see Regal in a Money in the Bank Ladder match. The main event featuring Vince was a big downer. We see that he turns it into a gauntlet match and puts on a squash match in the MAIN event.

C’mon Vince REALLY? On TNA’s DEBUT NIGHT?!?! Cena gets man-handled by 3 super heavyweights and of course puts on the overcome the odds gimmick… and then predictably Batista came out and humiliated Cena again… ohhhh dear. This sounds like a recipe this sounds like another Cena title reign at after Mania…

Whats Legit

+Card for Wrestlemania looks great.

Whats Perpetrating

– Lacking build up for Wrestlemania exception of HBK and Undertaker.


I will have to give this episode of RAW  MF MF OUT OF 5.

TNA: TNA was very vibrant… and they seem very bold in the beginning. I will be honest here, I did not tune into TNA because I thought their booking was horrible, but since they made it to the main dance… I am going to start watching now. The show opened up with the Hulkster… (oh great) promoting with Abyss… (talk about a weird combo). Apparently, they were feuding with Flair and AJ Styles. Now I have a big gripe with Flair. Why can’t he just… retire? He basically spat in the face of the fans and other wrestlers by participating in a retirement match which he never was going to retire from if he lost. Anyhow the very first match wasn’t anything special… it was just Hulk getting bloodied by the duo of AJ Styles and Flair. However a surprise entrance by Sting caught me off guard… and what is even more amazing is that Sting did a heel turn by attacking Hogan and Abyss. After that there was a sudden title match in the X-Division.

I was very pleased by this match; I can safely say Daniels has still got it. I haven’t seen Doug Williams before but he seemed to be too heavy for the X-Division in my opinion… After that the TNA knockouts were in action. They are usually recognized as better than the WWE Divas and I could see why from that match. The biggest difference I see between the divas and the knockouts is that the knockout’s matches are more fluid while the divas matches seem awkward. Then I would say…this had to be the SURPRISE of the night… I literally marked out when I saw RVD on the Titontron. RVD was Sting’s surprise opponent… and RVD beat him with a rolling thunder… but why not the five star frog splash?! Right after that Sting puts a beat down on RVD… and in my opinion they dragged it way too much. Three hits was enough on RVD… but Sting decided that it was cool to hit him 60 times in the same spot….on RVD’s debut.. wow TNA booking rocks. After this we see Kevin Nash and Eric Young…okay I think their storyline is horrible already. I don’t want to even comment about it. I feel no charisma from Nash… and Young? Wasn’t he a jackass back in the day in TNA? Next was a Jeff Jarrett who had a struggle with Beer Money… I honestly have no idea whats going on between them so I really can’t comment on this either. Finally we get to the rematch between Hulk’s team and Flair’s team. This time Hulk manages to win it… and the main event was very stale. Flair…Hogan… the 80’s are done guys… we need guys that can actually perform on a new level. After that long tedious match, there was a run in by Desmond Wolfe… then The Pope ran in and takes care of him but then Jeff Hardy made a surprise return…but thanks to the overtime.. we didn’t even see him do the swanton… so much for “they are going to let us air TNA till it’s over” crap because that certainly seems to be BS.

Whats Legit:

+Lots of surprises by TNA, curveballs were pitched left and right to WWE
+Matches top WWE’s by far.

Whats Perpetrating:

-Rematch as the Main Event… no thank you. 2 old men in the main event… no thank you.
-How does RVD get squashed on his debut?! AND NO 5 STAR FROG SPLASH WTF

I am going have to give TNA: MF MF MF MF out of 5 Consider it your very first effort prize… still you guys have a long way to go to catch up to WWE, at least you guys took the first step.

This week’s winner: TNA


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