Blur Beta Impressions

Real Talk By: KJ

Play Legit has wrapped its fingers around the Blur Beta.

Mario Kart Meets Need for speed in Blur. Developed by the folks at Bizarre Creations, This game has enough pick up and play in it, but also enough strategy to bring in all kinds of  players. The beta lets you try out 4 game modes, all of which go online. A 10 man race is available from the start, then a 20, also a Super-car race where you drive incredibly fast vehicles. If you loved Twisted Metal (Scrap Metal Sucks by the way, MF MF M out of five), Motor Mash is the mode is for you. Twenty cars battle it out in arena style stages.

The whole time we played, there was no lag to speak of. You must take into consideration though, this is a beta so not many people are on it. Still all the action that’s happening on-screen, especially with the colorful graphics and item pickups launching everywhere this is a big feat. Item pickups work like Mario kart but they have their own style. The visuals on the power ups  reminded us of Geometry Wars. Everything about this game feels fluid and balanced. There are perks you can unlock for you car A-La Call of duty which add to the re-play value for real.

With split Second looming in the Horizon, and their respective releases a week between each other, I am not sure if this will win or not. From what we’ve played, if split second doesn’t bring it, you can easily give it to Blur. To put it in words this game is addictive and its Fun as Hell!!!

Whats Legit:

+Power ups reminiscent of Mario Kart

+Officially Licensed cars

+Nice Variety of modes

Whats Perpetrating:

-Cant Customize driver

-Some tracks aren’t as detailed as others

-The Twitter feature is pointless


One thought on “Blur Beta Impressions

  1. Nice article on Blur beta, will have to check out when game is released.Might be a tough choice between blur and split second.


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