Aliens Vs. Predator Review

Real Talk By: Jenn

AVP has the perfect formula two great franchises in one game and an awesome storyline in both respective movies, but this game falls flat on it’s face. Aliens vs Predator has some really fun multiplayer element’s to be explored if you have buddies with mic’s but most people do not have the best teamwork and communication skills etc. you wont have much fun just randomly playing this game by yourself and joining room’s.

If your asking yourself why didn’t I talk about Single-Player first? Because it’s virtually nonexistent im not one to rush the game and skip cutscenes the marine campaign:The difficulty is ramped up so high trying to make this a challenging game that I bet some of the tester’s who worked on this game never finished the second level. It’s insane and unnecessary and it’s just too dark which would be great and fit in well since this is a game with aliens but the texture’s are sooo bad that you can’t even tell if your about to walk into a wall. Sometimes multiple object’s will have the same texture.

There is nothing to be said about the predator campaign that has the complete opposite problem than the marine campaign you feel like your invincible. Level’s for all campaign’s are shoddily made and you run through level’s with ease. There seem’s to be no sense of consistency with this game and there is 3 campaign’s and each take about 4 and a half hour’s to complete. This game is not worth 60 Dollar’s, it’s a rental at best.

AVP gets MF MF out of five

Whats Legit

+Fun multiplayer with friend’s

Whats perpetrating

-Graphics are below sub-par this seriously looks like an original xbox game. The textures are horrible.

-Singleplayer game is seriously lacking and not worth a try.


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