Mega Man 10 Review

Real Talk by: KJ

The Blue Bomber has come back with another throwback title in Mega Man 10. Built from the ground up to look, sound and feel like a NES game, MM10 carries the simple story of robots everywhere going haywire. The Culprit is a virus named Roboenza. This threat can only be defeated by Mega Man.

You fight In traditional MM style across 8 Levels receiving new abilities with each boss defeated. The music while not quite memorable as other games in the franchise, is still very well done. The boss battles are exciting, and give you a fresh experience while taking you down memory lane in the same token.

Mega Man 10 has new challenge missions similar to BC Re-armed or Shadow Complex and a time attack mode. This gives players more of a reason to come back for second helpings. Protoman has returned to this one and Bass will arrive in DLC later.

The Level design is what you would expect from an 8-bit Mega Man and that is not a bad thing. Capcom has stuck to the formula that has made it so successful in the past and at only ten dollars this game is light on the wallet but offers enough substance to warrant multiple playthroughs.

It’s a good thing because the game is short on easy mode. I can’t complain that much though, an easy mode was really needed to make it accessible for all gamers. Mega Man 9 was Hard and this is no different. MM noobs, be prepared to toss controllers across the room (watch your TV) because this game will give you Ninja Gaiden NES memories.

Both are great, but due to the Challenge modes, Time attack, and the addition of Bass down the line, with Mega Man 10 you’ve got yourself a new retro hit.

Mega Man 10 Gets 


4.5 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Captures the feel of all the retro Mega Man titles.

+Decent Replay Value for a Download Title

What’s perpetrating?

-Short when playing on Easy Mode.

-Playing on Normal or Hard can hurt feelings.

Available on : PSN, WiiWare and XBL for 10 big ones. Or two Green Lincolns.

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