Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer Revealed

The Trailer For The Reach Beta has been Released by Bungie. If you ask me The graphics need improvement. Lets hope you can play this Halo in 720p. I am looking forward to all the new abilities and weapons that have been added to your soldiers arsenal. Assassinations really caught my eye. Jetpacks anyone? Its seems with all these new features going on under the hood of this game, Its just common sense to have A beta for it. Thankfully, they’re not cocky and idiotic. They wouldn’t release a game with tons of new perks and features without proper testing. Its a shame that Infinity Ward thinks their above everyone else, and that “we the people” are just a paycheck to them, that we will buy their game regardless. Maybe if they actually gave a damn about what their loyal fans wanted, they wouldn’t have security kicking them out of the building. Thanks Bungie for representing.

Halo Reach Beta Debuts May 3, 2010 only on Xbox 360.


Video is a Copyright of MicroSoft/Bungie

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