ps3goatReal Talk By: Kris Jones

Ms. Throwback, J. Valdez, Knowledge, The Wizard and I selected the best games the Playstation 3 had to offer. Of course there is still life in the console, but we know where the focus is headed. We voted and broke down our choices. As we pop the cork, here are the honorable mentions. You have to play these games:

Demon’s Souls

Well designed Old School Difficulty with a modernized presentation.

Gran Turismo 5

The Legacy pushes on. More Cars, better graphics. GT was back indeed.

Valkyria Chronicles

Rewarded gamers for playing smart, while keeping them engaged with its storyline.


Off-Road Arcade-fun. The gameplay made early PS3 adopters proud.



Art direction is second to none. The definition of short, but sweet indeed.


Number 10 Greatest PS3 Game of All Time>

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