Here is all three Classes available to control in Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall. The Ogre, Stryder, and Atlas. Choose wisely as each will have their advantages, and disadvantages. Titanfall arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC March 11, 2014.


A True O.G. of Titans. This Machine has seen many wars and packs an advantage in firepower. Stiil, this would be the most balanced of the group in attributes.


The Stryder is the go to titan for speed, agility, and acceleration. Modes that focus on Objective capturing, can really benefit from having this machine on their side. This bot can’t take as much of a beating, so knowing when to use it is key.


The Ogre is true to its name. A beast of a machine. This titan can take punishment from the opposition, while dealing out some of its own. The disadvantage is in its mobility.

Which titan are you getting into?

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