Check out the Big news for the month of April. KJ and Vex Report.


PlayStation 4/ Google Glass Interactivity


Sony has announced more connectivity options with its future console. When Google Glass releases, the device will have features linking its players with their Playstation 4 consoles. Gamers will be able to control character movements simply using their eyes. “There’s nothing more precise than the human eye, so it’s the perfect analog stick” said a Playstation rep. Sports games get even better as well. With the Glass device, it will be easier for fans to choose different plays. This will prevent friends from seeing play-making choices.  This will enhance your gaming sessions when Playing Madden or NBA 2K. Expect to see the PS4/Glass combo in late 2014.

Rain Man x Rayman


Dustin Hoffman lends his voice and likeness to one of the most ambitious Rayman titles to date. Players who beat Legends, will unlock Hoffman’s character, including a few Rain Man themed stages. These bonus missions attached to the Wii U version, sees players traversing a Local K-mart in search for a comfortable pair of socks. Murfy, Globox and Rayman are looking for the same item as well. You will team up with the trio while platforming to the soundtrack of the classic film.

Micro and Soft


Microsoft is venturing into new business territory by introducing the “EarTopia Bundle”. Featuring actual reusable Qtips, players, and their avatars will be to use them in-game, real life, or at the same time with the Q-Kinect App . Premium bundles will feature DLC  for future Halo and Gears titles. The bundle comes with a free downloadable indie game codenamed “Eerie Sound”. Peter Molyneux’s new studio is rumored to be handling the development of this exclusive. With the EarTopia package, Microsoft is showing gamers of all shapes and sizes they’ve “got your body covered”.

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