Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Super Double Dragon was released for the Super Nintendo in 1992. Following the classic beat’em’up style, players take control of our martial arts heroes, Billy and Jimmy. Seven different unique stages were presented in this version of Double Dragon, and unlike previous titles in the series this game was not a port of a previously rendered arcade game, but a completely original title specifically designed for the SNES.

controlling the on-screen characters is smooth and really self-explanatory. One of the things I like about SDD as opposed to the many other beat’em’up games out there at the time, is that not only can you punch and kick, but you can also block and turn those blocks into a grab combo.  I feel that, especially for its time, SDD was about as advanced as a fighting game could get with fine tuned controls. The player can even pull of a special jump-kick move, adding even more fun to the game. Some of the enemies pull these same block, grab moves off too, adding an interesting challenge that you don’t see in most beat’em’ups.

Another feature to the game is the R/L button bar located underneath of the health bar. It’s pretty hard to get it full but if you do your on-screen character can choose to throw down your enemy without fail, or my favorite spin kick about five times all the way across the screen taking every enemy on your way. Later on during your adventure you gain weapons, such as, the boomerang, nunchuck, bowstaff, knife, and bomb, helping you to take down and annihilate everyone in your path. Some of these weapons are definitely more useful than others but none-the-less a refreshing additive to your regular fighting game.

Artistically the game is quite nice, considering when it was developed. The color scheme could have used a bit more love but the backgrounds and characters are quite nice. The character animations are pretty awesome and unexpected at times. Wait until a fat clown comes spinning through the air at you, it’s pretty sweet. The music is another plus to the game, although since I’ve been playing double dragon for a while I have an appreciation for it at this point. Overall the game is challenging as well, and depending on how much of a challenge you like, can be a bit frustrating. I’m happy with a somewhat hard game rather than not enough of one and consider Super Double Dragon to be a true classic.

Super Double Dragon Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?


+Artistic style


What’s Perpetrating?

-Challenge (may be too much for some players.)

-The bow-staff is a useless and annoying item

-It takes a lot of effort to fill the R/L bar

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