Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

One of the games I’m personally excited for from this years E3 events is Beyond: Two Souls.  During the game you will follow the entire life-span of the character from child to adult and ultimately death. The storylines biggest question is what happens during death and what is beyond. The main character name is Jodie Holmes who during the trailer is shown being delicately interviewed by a caring police officer. The visuals of the game are absolutely stunning even for being cut-scenes. The facial expressions of the character models are incredibly realistic.

as we move on in the E3 unveiling Jodi seemingly begins using psychic and telekinetic powers and ultimately the trailer cuts to action packed helicopter and car chases through the streets of the city as law enforcement constantly tries to catch up. beautiful scenes of Jodi jumping away from her assailants in slow motion as the rain pours over her are shown.

The Good: I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach over a game like this. This is the type of game I live for, dark, menacing, mysterious, and it brings me back to the feeling I had when I played games like Resident Evil for the first time. A game like this could have an in-depth one player story line, something that has almost been forgotten in this industry with the involvement of online play. but then again…

The Bad: This was a huge trailer of pretty cut-scenes. While we can all hope that the gameplay will be excellent, nothing should be assumed. We’ve seen trailers like this before and the game comes out as the worst experiment on earth. Playstation likes to sell us on their good looks, not that the other two big companies have never done that to us before but I was there E3 2006 when all Playstation had was a big hoopla about nothing. Is this a repeat of the past or the start of an incredible new franchise?

Lets hope they keep the MF’s coming.